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DUNU EST112 Tribrid IEM Unboxing & Quick Review

DUNU EST112 Tribrid IEM Unboxing & Quick Review

DUNU has been a well-reputed player in the HiFi earphone and cable market with its well-tuned hybrid in-ear monitors. They have multiple highly successful hybrid IEMs ever like the DK-3001 Pro, DK-4001, and more into their product range. Recently they announced their first triple hybrid pair of in-ear monitors, the EST112 which has been available on pre-order since 27th March and is officially releasing today. So I got a unit for myself. Today I am going to share my unboxing and initial impressions for the EST112. Before I begin, you can pre-order the DUNU EST112 from the HiFiGo store, check out more details here. Shipments have already begun today.


Packaging & Accessories:-

The packaging of DUNU EST112 is quite similar to the famous “DK” series of hybrid in-ear monitors from the brand. It’s a rectangular packaging with an x-ray view image of EST112’s earpiece on the cover along with DUNU, Knowles, SpinFit, Sonion branding logos. Inside the pair and accessories are arranged in a layered pattern. Upon opening, we get a Designed by DUNU printed sleeve as found in all products by DUNU. Then we have the beautiful metallic earpieces along with a silver-plated cable on the first layer of the packaging. The cable here has no termination plug as it has DUNU’s patented swappable termination plug system.


Below lies a plastic case with six different pairs of silicone tips, three termination plugs(2.5mm Bal, 4.4mm Bal, 3.5mm SE), a cleaning cloth, a zipper leather carry case, and a few documentations. Also, there are a few other accessories inside the leather carry case such as Three pairs of spinfit silicone tips, memory foam tips, an airplane adapter, a 3.5mm-6.35mm adapter, and a cleaning brush. DUNU really packs a lot of stuff with their IEMs, and the EST112 also proves this.


The package is quite neat and carries a lot of accessories to get the users going. You need to run balanced, you get 2.5mm/4.4mm, you need single-ended, you get 3.5mm, and even 3.5mm-6.35mm adapter. It actually is a delight to unbox the EST112. You can also check out my unboxing video on Youtube below.


Design & Build Quality:-

The pair has premium finished metallic ear shells. They are quite on the larger side but fit quite perfectly to my medium-sized ears no issues in fit. They have a silver matte-like finish on the inner cavity and a shiny mirror-like metallic finish on the stainless steel face panels. The faceplates have a circular pattern enclosing a DUNU branding logo. There’s also a slit-opening at the corner of the earpiece. Overall the earpieces look classy and elegant with a premium metallic finish.


The included cable is an improved variant of the DUW-02 cable with improved braiding, it is now called DUW-02s. It is a silver-plated copper cable with DUNU’s patented quick switch modular plug system. Other accessories such as the Spinfit Eartips, Carry case, termination plugs are also well-built and sturdy.



Despite the big size of the cavities, they fit quite well and provide a firm fit for my medium-sized ears. I just never had any fall-off issues while moving my head around. The nozzle size is neither too short nor too long to penetrate deep or cause any fit issues. But for people with small-sized ears, I think the earpieces might give fit issues.

Initial Sound Impressions:-

The DUNU EST112 upon its first listen leaves its impact as a highly resolving pair of IEMs. I guess it’s the two EST drivers that are doing their magic here. The pair has a neutral and warm sound profile with crisp instrument detailing. There is a slight bit of forwardness in the upper mids that is noticeable in some tracks. I will try different tips I guess that slight forwardness will be gone with different tips or after burn-in.


Would also like to compliment the texture of bass here. The 13.5mm dd unit presents a punchy and quick response to my music. It complements the other frequencies really well. Initially, I am in love with the EST112. The pair actually sounds very well-detailed, the clarity of vocals, instruments is just top-notch. I am gonna spend some more time with the EST112 over the next few weeks and then I will share my final review.

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