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Dunu Dk-2001: Purely Balanced!!

Dunu Dk-2001 Quick Review: Purely Balanced IEM!!

Dunu last year announced their latest products in their very famous range of in-ear monitors, the "DK" series, they had released Dunu DK-2001, Dunu DK-3001 pro and Dunu DK-4001, all of these are multi-driver hybrid IEM's, capable of producing brilliant sound output and have an amazing build quality.

Today we at Hifigo are bringing you a unit of Dunu DK-2001, which we are going to unbox and share our initial impressions with you all.

Before starting you can buy a pair of Dunu DK-2001 from our store here, priced at only 299$.

The Dunu DK-2001 is a four-driver hybrid IEM, which has one 13mm dual-sided beryllium coated dynamic driver and three Knowles balanced armature units in each earpiece, which provides you with lifelike and natural sound output.

Unboxing Impressions:-

The Dunu DK-2001 comes in a simple and elegant white colored rectangular cardboard box, which has an image of the pair imprinted on it, also note that the color of IEM printed on the box depends on which color you ordered. Like here we have a unit of orange color so the pair printed on the box is orange and same is with when you buy a black colored pair.

Apart from this attractive image of the earpieces on the front, there is DK-2001 model name printed in English and Chinese language at the upper corner opposite to the Dunu logo, below it is written the brief description of its driver unit, Four Beryllium Drivers Hybrid Earphones. And at the lower portion, Knowles logo is printed as the balanced armature units used in the earpieces are Knowles balanced armatures. The earphone is certified with Hi-Res Audio certification and the logo is printed in a corner on the front side.

On the back of the box, we have got the technical specifications of the pair, written in two languages English and Chinese. When you pull out the inner box it is a plain black box with "Dunu Hybrid Earphones" printed on the front, apart from it the remaining box is plain, simple and elegant.

Opening this box gives you a glimpse at your beautiful pair of earphones directly, connected to the MMCX wire, the earphones look very pretty and shiny with metal shells. The detailing in the shells is just pretty with Dunu branding on the faceplates. Below it is a Dunu branded small cardboard box which has the accessories included in the package, which includes a leather zipper carry case, earpiece color matching silicone tips(three pairs), silicone tips(grey three pairs), silicone tips(white three pairs), memory foam tips(one pair), a cleaning brush, and a 3.5mm-6.35mm headphone adapter.

The wire included in the package is of a very good quality, silver-plated OCC cable with a Dunu patented quick switch modular plug system, this is a system designed by Dunu, where for using your beloved pair of earphones with different port types you can quickly switch the plug type. Please note that the plug included in the package is a single-ended 3.5mm plug, for more plugs like the balanced 2.5mm or balanced 4.4mm you have to purchase them separately. The wire has a premium and sturdy build quality.

So the items included in the package are as follows:-

  • One pair of Dunu Dk-2001 earphones
  • One high-purity silver-plated OCC cable with quick switch modular plug
  • One 3.5mm single-ended modular plug
  • Three pairs of IEM matching colored silicone tips
  • Three pairs of Grey silicone tips
  • Three pairs of White silicone tips
  • One pair of memory foam tips
  • Zipper leather carry case
  • 3.5mm-6.35mm adapter
  • Cleaning brush

Build Quality:-

The earphones have a very premium and strong build quality. They are made up of metal with good finishing and shine brightly when wore in the ears. The orange-colored faceplate in our earpieces look brilliant and have a Dunu branding on them, they also have printed "DK-2001 Hybrid Earphones" on the faceplates. They have black inner shells which makes the combo of orange black really pretty and elegant.

The wire is a high purity silver-plated OCC cable which has a quick modular cable switch, the switch included in the package is 3.5mm.

The accessories included in the package are of very good quality, whether it be the earpiece matched silicone tips or the carry case. Dunu has included a blue-colored leather carry case with zipper, the case has ample space to carry around your earphones safe and sound.

The small-sized earpieces fit quite well, the earphones are comfortable and sit firmly into the ears, with providing amazing noise isolation and there are no noise leakage issues also.

Overall the build quality of the entire package is pretty solid and tough. The earphones, wire, or other included accessories everything has a sturdy build quality. With a simple and elegant packaging and such an amazing build, the entire package feels very premium.

Sound Impressions:-

The Dunu Dk-2001 has a balanced and neutral sound output, the four-driver hybrid setup works together with ultimate precision.

We tested the pair with some amazing songs, the initial impressions for sound are very good, the dynamic driver provides a quick and fast bass response, a single driver Knowles balanced armature driver handles the mids section, they give lifelike, natural-sounding vocals, and two custom-tuned Knowles balanced armature drivers handles the ultra-high frequency range, the treble section is very smooth and airy.

The bass response carries good thumps, especially the mid-bass area, the bass is controlled well too, it doesn't overlap the mids, provides us with enough depths to get that groovy feels, The bass rumble is pretty good in songs by Billie Ellish, Octavian's Bet showed great depths too, overall the bass response is very good and controlled.

The mids are tuned very well, the vocals sound natural, especially the male vocals, Damien Rice's songs have that heaviness of his voice, the vocals are crystal clear with no fatiguing even at higher volumes. Acoustic songs just sound mesmerizing and lovely here with the DK-2001.

The treble is well controlled and given enough room to extend, the treble portion is airy, the details in quick songs like Billie Jean by our favorite MJ, or metal songs by Death, the details are very clear with no harshness at all. The treble portion has very good detailing, the imaging is superb in live recordings.

The Dunu Dk-2001 has an adequately wide tuned staging, the staging is great with crispy details, there is no fatiguing in the treble portion even at higher volumes.

Overall the sound impressions are pretty good, the pair sound balanced and natural with an airy soundstage providing us with good details, making this pair adequate for any genre of music, whether it be jazz, EDM, Rock or more.

Final Impressions:-

We really loved the little time we got with the Dunu Dk-2001, it is a very good pair of in-ear monitors, with amazing build quality, good accessories included in the package, modular cable, and a balanced sound output. We would suggest you not to go on the size of these earpieces, they sound pretty good and amazing.

If you really liked our impressions for the Dunu DK-2001, and think that this matches your sound preferences, you can order a pair for the same here at our store.

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