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BQEYZ Spring 2 Review: Tri Hybrid Pleasure

BQEYZ Spring 2 Review: Tri Hybrid Pleasure

BQEYZ is a well-known name among the audiophiles. The brand got attention with its tri-hybrid IEM the BQEYZ Spring 1. Recently the brand launched its latest upgraded model, the BQEYZ Spring 2. It also features a tri-hybrid driver setup unit on each side with brilliantly crafted CNC machined aluminum alloy ear shells. The pair is available in two distinctive colors, Black and Green. It looks outstanding in both the colors with its premium looks. The pair is priced at 170$, you can check more details here.

BQEYZ Spring 2-1

About BQEYZ:- 

BQEYZ is a China-based audio equipment manufacturing brand. They are widely known for their budget-friendly pair of in-ear monitors. They got the attention of hi-fi audiophiles with the BQEYZ Spring 1, it provided an unmatched crisp sound quality output with brilliant build at a pocket-friendly price. They have been teasing there upgraded Spring 2 IEM for quite some time and finally released it in June 2020. Following the hype, I grabbed a unit of BQEYZ Spring 2, and today I am going to share my review for the same.


The BQEYZ Spring 2 has got a simple cardboard packaging, the outer thin cardboard sheet has a gradient pattern with just the BQEYZ logo and Spring 2 branding on the front. On the backside we have the technical parameters of the pair. As I pull out the inner box, its a textured black cardboard box. It just has BQEYZ branding on the top. This box carries my beautiful pair of Spring 2 in-ear monitors with a bunch of accessories. The package contains six pairs of silicone ear tips, one pair of foam ear tips, a pure copper cable with a 3.5mm termination plug, a cleaning brush, and a carry pouch along with the beautiful IEM. Please note that you can get different termination plug on the cable, just select your preferred termination plug while purchasing the Spring 2. You can choose between 3.5mm unbalanced plug, 2.5mm balanced plug, and 4.4mm balanced plug.


Package Contents:-

>One pair of BQEYZ Spring 2 IEM.
>One pure copper cable with 3.5mm termination plug.
>Six pairs of silicone ear tips.
>One pair of foam ear tips.
>One carry pouch.
>One cleaning brush.
>User guide.

Build Quality:-

The build quality of the BQEYZ Spring 2 is top-notch. Earpieces are made up of high-quality 5-axis CNC machined aluminum alloy. They have a perfect finish with glossy shiny looks. The green-colored earpieces have a contrasted golden nozzle which adds to the rich and premium looks of the pair. They have lightweight aesthetics providing me a perfect fit, covering my entire ear canal and isolating from the environmental noises. I used the bundled M size silicone tips.

BQEYZ Spring 2-3

The cable included is of very premium quality, it is made up of pure single crystal copper cable which offers crisp audio signal transmission without any interruptions or lag. The cable has 0.78mm two-pin connectors and my unit came with a 3.5mm termination plug. Users can buy the pair with their preferred choice of termination plug which they can choose while purchasing. The overall build quality of the earpieces and the accessories included in the package is quite rich and premium. It doesn't feel like this beautiful looking well-built pair is priced under 200$.

Sound Quality:-

BQEYZ Spring 2-4

The BQEYZ Spring 2 has a tri-hybrid driver setup on each side. The earpieces houses a 13mm coaxial dynamic driver unit, 9-layers piezoelectric driver, and a balanced armature driver unit. The pair produces a very rich sound quality. It has a balanced sound signature with a U shaped sound profile. The bass portion shows good deep thumps and is controlled well within the region. The mids section is transparent, acoustic details are reproduced beautifully with rich crisp vocals. The treble portion shows crisp instrument details reproduction. Instruments sound natural with no signs of sibilance at all. I personally feel like this pair suits well with rock, edm, and pop music. I enjoy the crisp detailing and rich quality of vocals reproduced beautifully with the Spring 2.

Lower End:-

The pair produces a rich thumpy lower end. The bass feels layered and deep, complementing vocals in pop music with groovy beats. Thumps feel powerful with good speed and decay. The sub-bass portion is full of rumble that complements our music in a really good way. The bass portion is controlled well within its region and it doesn't leak to the other portions of the frequency range. The pair complements well with Billie Ellish, Daft Punk, and other similar artists.


The BQEYZ Spring 2 has a slight U shaped sound signature. Mids portion is a bit recessed though the upper mids are bumped forward that brings vocals right in front for us. The pair produces rich crisp details in acoustic songs like Cover Sessions by Boyce Avenue, or MTV Unplugged sessions. There is an airy feeling in the mids portion and it really brings beautiful details in my music. I really like to listen to vocal-based songs like Damien Rice, Sara Bareilles, London Grammar, and more. The pair reproduces lifelike vocals with natural tonality. They don't sound harsh even at louder volumes.


The BQEYZ Spring 2 has a transparent treble portion. Instruments are reproduced beautifully with rich crisp details. Instruments have a soothing feel to it, they don't sound harsh or sibilant at all. Violin in songs by Tina Guo carries a natural tone. Fast metal tracks show well-detailed instruments with good imaging capabilities.


BQEYZ Spring 2-5

BQEYZ Spring 2 has an adequately wide soundstage. It doesn't feel too wide or too narrow, it feels adequately wide for my music. I mostly listen to Rock, Pop, and Vocal based songs, but I tried the pair with Binaural tracks by Yosi Horikawa and they are represented on an adequately wide stage with great instrument separation capabilities.

Final Verdict:-

BQEYZ Spring 2-6

Finally, I would like to say, the BQEYZ Spring 2 is really worth the hype created by the brand teasing it for a few weeks. It has brlliantly crafted earpieces, to be honest, I am yet to try some other IEM with such premium build at this price point. The pair sounds really good with a balanced sound signature. And not to mention the option to purchase the pair with our choice of termination plug on the cable is a plus point in the favor of Spring 2. It comes bundled with high-quality accessories. If you are looking to buy an IEM at under 200$ price range, you can just never go wrong with the BQEYZ Spring 2. Check out more details about this gem here.

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