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BGVP Q2 Impressions: Innovation in TWS!!!

BGVP Q2 Quick Review: Innovation in TWS!!!

BGVP is a China-based audio equipment manufacturing brand, which is widely known for its brilliant detailed and premium built pair of earphones. They have in-ear monitors that are well known in the chi-fi audio market, like the BGVP DM6 and many more products. Quite recently the brand has launched its new pair of earphones and this time they have released a very innovative product, they have released a TWS of earbuds, the BGVP Q2, which can be used either truly wirelessly, or with MMCX connector cable using the MMCX cable included in the package or any other MMCX cable that you might previously own.

And today we have brought you a unit of BGVP Q2 for unboxing and we are going to share our initial impressions with you for the same.

Before we start if you want to buy this feature loaded pair of TWS earbuds, you can order one from our store here.

About BGVP:-

BGVP is a China-based brand, they specialize in high-quality premium in-ear monitors. They have a well-established name in the chi-fi market with their earphones like DM6, DM7, DMS and many more to name.

Their products offer brilliant quality sound output, which is rich in details and has premium build quality with high-quality accessories included in the package. The BGVP Q2 is the first TWS earbuds from the brand, but from their previous pairs of in-ear monitors, the consumers are excited widely for trying out the Q2. The Q2 is priced at a 100$ price tag and we really hope it provides amazing sound quality just like its other products.

Unboxing Impressions:-


The BGVP Q2 has got a simple white-colored cardboard packaging, which a light cardboard sleeve over the box, the sleeve has got a BGVP Q2 TWS image printed on the front of the sleeve with various features explained below the image. There is a Knowles logo on the front too, as the BGVP Q2 has a dual Knowles balanced armature driver unit each side. As we open up the box we get a glimpse at the beautiful pair of earphones and carry case sitting firmly into the foams. Below this layer lies other accessories in the package, which include carrying pouch which can carry the charging case easily and safely, MMCX connector cable, different pairs of ear tips, user guide, and a Type-C charging cable.


Package Contents:-

>One pair of BGVP Q2 TWS earbuds

>One charging case

>One MMCX connector cable

>One carry pouch

>USB Type-C charging cable

>Six pairs of silicone tips

>One pair of Memory Foam tips

>User Guide

Build Quality:-


BGVP provides a premium build quality to all its pairs of earphones, and the Q2 is not an exception. The earpieces are entirely made up of high-quality 3D printed resin shells, with a shiny BGVP logo printed on the faceplates of the earpieces. The shells are transparent and one can easily see the neat and precise engineering by the trained staff at BGVP with their placements of driver units inside the earpieces. The shells have metallic ear nozzles with magnetic charging points on the inner side, with lower-end having the MMCX connectors.


The earpieces look brilliant and they feel quite strong and tough built too. They are 3D printed with quite great precision, it has an ergonomic design, it fits very comfortably and sits firmly into our ears. The earpieces are very lightweight and don’t even feel into the ears even after longer music sessions.

The package includes a rectangular curved charging box with BGVP branding printed on the top of it, it features USB Type C charging port and offers battery life for up to 26 hours. 

Other accessories included in the package are of good quality too, and add a rich and premium feel to the entire package.



The BGVP Q2 features Bluetooth 5.0 functionality, it offers a strong and stable Bluetooth connection, with zero lag and proper video synchronization. The BGVP Q2 has got good connection range, we wandered around our entire office while our source smartphone was kept on the table and there were no connection issues and we were able to enjoy music without any interruptions.

And even when the battery drained out from it, we used the MMCX cable included in the package and we were good to go for another music session without any issues.

Battery Life:-

The BGVP Q2 offers a battery life of up to 26 hours with the charging case, and on a single charge, we were able to enjoy the music of up to 6-7 hours. The battery life is great considering the crispy and clear sound clarity from the pair.

Sound Impressions:-


BGVP is widely known for their perfect tuning in their product line up and the BGVP Q2 also provides that detailed sound clarity and richness, the BGVP Q2 is equipped with a dual Knowles balanced armature driver unit each side, it provides a natural and lifelike sound output, whether you are using wirelessly or with MMCX cable the sound output is very detailed and crisp.

The pair has got a quick, fast and detailed bass response, drums have got decent thumps that are rich with depth and doesn’t roll off quickly. The Mids and vocals are the place where this pair actually shines, the pair provides natural and lifelike vocals, the vocals are never peaky even at higher volumes, listening to Damien Rice is pure bliss with this pair, the treble section is full-bodied and got good clarity to it. The instrument details are quite crisp and clear. Even in quick songs like in mist she was standing by Opeth, we could easily identify different instruments being played. The sound output has got decent imaging and clarity to itself, there is no sibilance at all throughout the frequency range.

The sound stage is adequately wide, it is neither too wide nor too narrow for any genre of music, listening to binaural tracks by Yosi Horikawa was a decent experience, the main attraction of this earphone to us is its crispy clarity in vocals. It has good great clarity to both male and female vocals, there is no fatiguing to them.


Overall the sound impressions for the BGVP Q2 are fairly good, it has good crispy vocals, thumps bass response which is good in both quantity and quality-wise, and a smooth and detailed treble output. The pair has got good imaging and staging capabilities.

Final Impressions:-

The BGVP Q2 has got everything at its disposal, whether it be a truly wireless experience while commuting in buses and other public transports where wires always cause an issue or while listening to it with the MMCX cable included in the package, it provided a precise and detailed sound output with lush vocals, we really enjoyed the pair while we could and really looking forward to it as our daily pair of earphones while commuting or while at the gym.

If you really like our impressions please feel free to order one from our store here.

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