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BGVP NS9 9-Driver Hybrid IEM Unboxing & Quick Review: Thick & Powerful

BGVP NS9 9-Driver Hybrid IEM Unboxing & Quick Review: Thick & Powerful

Last month BGVP released its 9-driver hybrid in-ear monitors, the BGVP NS9. The pair features a powerful dual dynamic driver with seven high-performance Sonion and Knowles balanced armature drivers with a four-way electronic crossover. BGVP has designed the pair with a high-precision CNC machining process with 3d printed inner acoustic structure. I grabbed a unit of NS9 for myself to check on the hybrid implementation of whooping 9 drivers from BGVP. Today I am going to share unboxing and initial impressions of the BGVP NS9.


About BGVP:-

BGVP Acoustics actually needs no introduction. They are well-reputed manufacturers of high-fidelity audio in-ear monitors with multiple successful products such as the latest BGVP DM8, BGVP Zero, and more. NS9 is their latest 9-driver hybrid set of in-ear monitors with a professionally designed 9 driver hybrid configuration on each side. The pair has a price tag of 169$, check out technical details and key features on the HiFiGo store page here.


Packaging & Accessories:-

BGVP NS9 comes in a simple black cardboard box with a white slide-on cover on the top. The top white slide-on cover has an image of NS9 along with BGVP NS9, Sonion, and Knowles branding logos. On the back, we have the technical specs of the pair. Inside the pair is sitting firmly along with a bunch of ear tips and carry case in a designer foam layer. The case here contains the bundled MMCX cable and two sets of tuning filters(Red and Silver). The Black filter is already attached to the pair. Carry case here is also the same as included with the BGVP Zero. The packaging is quite similar to that of the BGVP Zero IEM set. There is also an envelope with a warranty card and user guide. You can also check my unboxing video on HiFiGo channel below.

Package Contents:-

>Pair of BGVP NS9 earphones.

>Three pairs of Vocal ear tips.

>Three pairs of Bass ear tips.

>One pair of Memory Foam ear tips.

>MMCX cable with 3.5mm termination plug.

>Three sets of tuning nozzles.(Red, Silver, and Black).

>Warranty card.

>User guide.


Design & Build Quality:-

BGVP NS9 features CNC machined ear shells made with aviation-grade aluminum alloy material. The cavities are slightly on the bigger side, which might be because of the whooping 9 driver configuration out of which one is a big dual-dynamic driver. Despite being big, they are not much heavy or bulky. Both the earpieces collectively weigh only 14 grams. Face panels have three beveled lines similar to that of the BGVP’s logo.  We have two air vents for the dd units, one on the backside and one on the inner side of the cavity. MMCX connectors are located on the top. The pair looks very well-build, with smooth CNC machined shells. Included accessories such as the ear tips, cable, and carrying case are also of good quality, no complaints.


Fit & Noise Isolation:-

The earpieces with BGVP NS9 are on the bigger side. They are bigger but not very heavy, sitting firmly into my medium-sized ears. Though based on their size I think people with small-sized ears might get fit issues. The pair covers the entire ear canal providing very good isolation from the environmental noises.



BGVP NS9 can be powered very easily, it is rated at just 20 ohms impedance with 107dB/mW sensitivity. It can be powered easily using smartphones. I tested the pair with the Huawei Mate 40RS smartphone using a generic dongle and the result was really good. Critical listening is mostly done on FiiO M11 Pro digital audio player.


Sound Filters:-

The pair comes with three sets of tuning nozzles, Silver, Red, and Black. According to BGVP Black is for neutral, Red is for enhancing the lower end, and silver is for enhancing treble frequencies. Even with the neutral black filter, I find the bass too powerful, using Red just makes it sound bloated and loose. With the Silver filter, the treble is slightly improved though still sounds veiled. I liked the pair most with the Black filter.


Sound Impressions:-

BGVP has tuned the NS9 with thick pounding bass and a warm tonality throughout the frequency range. The pair hits deep with its impactful pounding bass slams that shake the soul out of me. This pounding bass with a powerful rumble in the sub-bass portion results in an enjoyable, fun signature complementing genres such as EDM, Hip-Hop, and more. Mids take a slight step-back and lives in the shadow of powerful bass, treble shows smooth characteristics with decent detailing though rolls-off in the upper treble region. The pair has a warm sound signature with a smooth, non-fatiguing presentation.

Lower End:-

BGVP NS9 grabs most of its attention in the lower end of the frequency range. The pair delivers powerful bass slams that hit right onto the face with a thick punch. It is quick, it is impactful, it is lively, and most of it all it shows its powerful presentation with any genre of music you can throw at it. With such added thickness, the pair adds weight to instrument notes. The lower end is tuned to be so powerful that it bleeds into the mids section overpowering it.


Mids have a warm, smooth presentation slightly overpowered by the lower end. Vocals, both male and female have decent clarity and a warmer tonality to them. Instruments such as Acoustic guitars, pianos, trumpets have a thick warm tone with good clarity and detailing. The lower end shows a slight bit of bleed into the mids giving them a veiled signature.


Treble has a smooth, non-fatiguing response. The pair presents good detailing with cymbal crashes, electric guitars though suffer roll-off in the upper treble region. The good thing is with a warm musical signature, the output doesn’t sound fatiguing or harsh even at loud volume levels. Treble also has a veiled profile overshadowed by thumping lower end.

Soundstage & Imaging:-

BGVP NS9 has an average soundstage width with a good sense of depth and height. The output gives an impression of a large room providing ample space for music to shine properly. With decent clarity of instruments, the pair shows above-average technical performance for layering and imaging of instruments.


Few More Words:-

BGVP NS9 has a fun, V-Shaped sound signature with a very powerful bass response and non-fatiguing warm tonality. If you are a bass-head and looking for a smooth-sounding pair, I am pretty sure you are gonna love the impactful presentation of the BGVP NS9. The tunning nozzles also allow the user to play with the sound output a bit. Is it worth the 169$ price tag?? I would say if you are a bass lover then an absolute yes. You won't find such a powerful bass response in this budget. Check out more details on our page here.

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