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YinLvMei W1 World's First Windows 10 Audio Player Released

YinLvMei W1 World's First Windows 10 Audio Player Released

Digital Audio Player or commonly called as DAP in the audiophile community is the backbone of an audio chain. Even though the actual sound signature depends on the pair of earphones being in the chain, but to do justice to them they should be driven with ample power without any noise or distortion and crisp sound decoding. All this depends on the source in the chain which is mostly a DAP. There are several DAPs in the market mostly using either Linux or Android operating systems. Today we are going to unveil the latest flagship hi-res digital audio player with Windows 10 Operating system. Yes, you heard it right a Digital Audio Player with Windows 10, introducing the YinLvMei W1. It is the world’s first hi-res digital audio player with Windows 10 operating system and is equipped with a flagship DAC/AMP chipset. The player has a hefty price tag of 1899$ but when we look at its spec sheet the price looks acceptable.

YinLvMei W1-1

About YinLvMei:-

YinLvMei is a China-based hi-res audio equipment manufacturing brand. They specialize in manufacturing high-quality audio players. Most of their devices are made with hi-end AKM DAC chips. The latest W1 flagship player uses a powerful Dual DAC setup featuring two flagship AK4499 DAC chips.

Features of YinLvMei W1:-

>Dual AK4499 Flagship DAC chipset.

>8 OPA 1612 IV converter.

>2 OPA 1612 LPF.

>Amplification Circuit: 2 Custom Dual OP AMPs+8 in-line High-power tube pairs.

>Intel Atom X5 Z8350 CPU.


>128GB Internal Storage.

>Dual-Band Wi-Fi Connectivity(2.4GHz/5GHz).

>Bluetooth V4.2 Connectivity.

>7” IPS Display(800*1280).

>0.66” OLED secondary display.

>Two 7000mAh Lithium batteries.

>Replaceable battery module.

>3.5mm Coaxial, 3.5mm Single-ended LO, 3.5mm Balanced LO, 3.5mm Single-ended PO, 4.4mm Balanced PO.

>Dual PGA2311 Fully Balanced Volume Control.

>Output Power(Single-ended): Up to 750mW @ 32Ω, Up to 80mW @ 300Ω.

>Output Power(Balanced): Up to 1500mW @ 32Ω, Up to 160mW @ 300Ω.

>Line-out Voltage(Single-ended): 2.9Vrms.

>Line-out Voltage(Balanced): 5.8Vrms.

>Output Impedance(Single-ended): 0.8Ω.

>Output Impedance(Balanced): 0.4Ω.

>3 MicroSD card slots with up to 1TB MicroSD card support in each slot.

>2 USB ports.

>USB Type-C charging port.

Flagship Chipset For Flagship Performance:-

The YinLvMei W1 is equipped with a flagship  Dual DAC setup featuring two AK4499 DAC chips from AKM technologies.  The DAC setup is paired with powerful 8* OPA1612 IV converters, 2*OPA1612 LPF, a powerful amplification circuit, and many other premium capacitors to produce an unmatched crisp sound clarity output. It is capable of decoding PCM up to 32-Bit/384kHz, and DSD up to DSD256 natively.

Windows Operating System:-

Apart from the powerful flagship chipsets, the other attraction in the YinLvMei W1 is the Windows 10 operating system. It is the world’s first hi-res digital audio player with Windows 10 operating system. With Intel Atom Processor, the W1 can run professional media playback software and uses the ASIO audio channel to obtain the best sound quality experience. The device supports countless numbers of Windows 10 applications.

Replaceable Dual Battery Module:-

YinLvMei W1-2

The YinLvMei W1 features a replaceable dual battery module featuring two 7000mAh batteries. One battery is used by CPU and DAC chips, while the other battery powers the amplification analog staging. It ensures the users get the best of the sound quality experience with a powerful output stage.

Powerful Clean Amplification:-

There are 2 custom dual OP Amps paired with 8 in-line high-power tube pairs that handle the amplification part in the W1. The amplification is very powerful, clean, and free from any kind of distortion or background noise. The YinLvMei W1 has an output power of up to 1500mW @ 32Ω of load with its balanced 4.4mm output port.

Dual Display Design:-

The W1 features two displays, one primary 7” IPS display with a resolution of up 800*1280 pixels, and another 0.66” secondary display that displays the active volume level, PCM filter, and battery levels.

PGA2311 Fully Balanced Volume System:-

YinLvMei W1 uses a dual premium PGA 2311 volume control system to provide a fully balanced volume architecture. It allows precise volume adjustment without any distortion or any problem of low volume deviation.

Multiple Storage Ports:-

The YinLvMei W1 houses three MicroSD card slots each of which supports up to 1TB MicroSD card. Along with these three TF card slots, the player also has two USB ports where you can connect external drives.

YinLvMei W1-3

The YinLvMei W1 is a very powerful looking device loaded with industry-leading flagship chips. With an intel atom processor and windows 10 operating system, the player holds countless app support and high-quality music playback on the go. It has a price tag of 1899$ and is available to order now from our store.

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