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xDuoo XQ-50 Pro Bluetooth Receiver Released!!!

xDuoo XQ-50 Pro Bluetooth Receiver Released!!!

xDuoo released their latest Bluetooth Receiver in the form of xDuoo XQ-50 Pro. It comes as an upgrade to previously launched xDuoo XQ-50, and improves over it in almost every department. The xDuoo XQ-50 Pro features Bluetooth V5.0 functionality with support from a flagship Bluetooth chip from Qualcomm, CSR8675. It supports all the latest Hi-res Bluetooth Codecs like AptX HD, LDAC, and many more. The device is priced at 80$ and you can buy a unit for yourself from our store here.

xDuoo XQ-50 Pro-2

Technical Specifications:-

>Bluetooth V5.0 functionality.

>Flagship Bluetooth Chip From Qualcomm, CSR8675.

>Hi-Res Bluetooth Codecs support including, SBC, AAC, AptX, AptX HD, AptX LL, LDAC.

>High-performance ES9018K2M DAC Chip.

>High-performance CS8406 Conversion Chip.

>THD+N (Optical): 0.00087%.

>THD+N (Coaxial): 0.00087%.

>THD+N (Aux): 0.07%.

>Output Power (Optical): 0.5Vp-p.

>Output Power (Coaxial): 0.5Vp-p.

>Output Power (Aux): 2.5V.

>OLED Display: 128*64 Pixels.

>Size: 10.5cm x 7.6cm x 3.4cm

>Power Input: DC5V/1A.

>USB Input.

Flagship Bluetooth Chip:-

The xDuoo XQ-50 Pro features a powerful Bluetooth chip from Qualcomm, the CSR8675. It is a flagship-level powerful Bluetooth chip. It supports Bluetooth V5.0 functionality with support for Hi-res Bluetooth codecs. The device supports LDAC, AptX, AptX HD, AptX LL, SBC, and AAC. It provides a strong and stable Bluetooth connection with outstanding sound quality output.

High-Performance Sabre DAC Chip:-

The xDuoo XQ-50 Pro features a powerful DAC chip from Sabre Technologies, the ES9018K2M. The DAC chip provides high SNR and Dynamic range to your music that results in a crisp sound quality with a dark noise-free background.

Low Distortion Sound Output:-

The xDuoo XQ-50 Pro has a low distortion rating of approx 0.00087% from Optical and Coaxial output ports, while from the Aux port the distortion rating is 0.07%. With such extremely low distortion ratings, the xDuoo XQ-50 Pro provides a distortion-free sound output with crisp clarity.

CS8406 Signal Conversion Chip:-

The xDuoo XQ-50 Pro houses a CS8406 signal conversion chip. It converts Bluetooth signal with precise detailing and crisp clarity to give output through the optical fiber port or coaxial output port.

USB DAC Functionality:-

You can also connect the xDuoo XQ-50 Pro to your PC via the USB Type C slot on the back of the device. It features plug and play, so you don’t need special drivers to play your music via the xDuoo XQ-50 Pro device.

Connect To Your Existing DAC/AMP Setup:-

If your DAC/AMP setup at home lack the wireless Bluetooth Functionality, you can connect the xDuoo XQ-50 Pro to your existing setup via the Aux Out port. So now you can give input to your DAC/AMP setup via Bluetooth with the help of xDuoo XQ-50 Pro.

OLED Display:-

The xDuoo XQ-50 Pro features an OLED display in the front that shows the active Bluetooth format with track name and file details.

The xDuoo XQ-50 Pro surely looks like a promising device with high-performance chipset configuration and priced at just 80$. You can buy this from our store here.

Comparison Between XQ-50 and XQ-50 Pro:-

>The previous-gen XQ-50 featured QCC3008 Bluetooth chip while the latest XQ-50 Pro features a flagship-level Bluetooth chip, CSR8675 from Qualcomm.

>The XQ-50 featured only three Bluetooth codecs, SBC, AAC, and AptX while the XQ-50 Pro features all the Hi-res codecs like AptX HD, AptX LL, LDAC, and many more.

>XQ-50 Pro houses an OLED Display on the front that shows all the basic info while the XQ-50 had no display.

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Heliot - February 24, 2021

As a USB DAC, which formats this thing is capable?

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