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xDuoo XD05 Plus2 Latest-Generation Portable DAC/AMP With Bluetooth Connectivity

xDuoo XD05 Plus2 Latest-Generation Portable DAC/AMP With Bluetooth Connectivity

xDuoo has come up with the latest instalment in the XD05 series of portable USB DAC/AMPs in the form of the all-new xDuoo XD05 Plus2. The XD05 series of portable DAC/AMPs from xDuoo are widely loved by audiophiles worldwide. The latest XD05 Plus2 is the second generation to the award-winning XD05 Plus. With a newer AKM DAC chipset, enhanced amplification section, advanced high-definition Bluetooth connectivity, Swappable OPAMP design, and many more features, the XD05 Plus2 definitely brings a remarkable performance to the lineup!!

xDuoo XD05 Plus2-1

xDuoo XD05 Plus2 is priced attractively for just 269$, check out more information and details here.

The XD05 Plus2 is designed around the AKM’s latest AK4493SEQ DAC chipset. This 32-Bit DAC chip enables crystal clear high-resolution audio signal decoding characteristics to the device that supports high-res 32-Bit/384kHz PCM, native DSD256, and MQA master-qualtiy audio signals. The XD05 Plus2 achieves exceptional performance with high SNR, DNR, and ultra-low Distortion performance. We are greeted with a clear output with no audible noise floor even with sensitive IEMs.

xDuoo XD05 Plus2-1

xDuoo has upgraded the AMP section here on the XD05 Plus2. It has an output power rating of up to 1200mW @ 32Ω of impedance load. With three-level gain modes, the XD05 Plus2 can be connected to a variety of in-ear monitors and headphones supporting both high-sensitivity and high-power-requiring devices. xDuoo XD05 Plus2 supports multiple input and output options. It supports USB, SPDIF(Optical, Coaxial), and Bluetooth modes. It has Bluetooth V5.1 connectivity with high-definition codecs such as LDAC, AptX, etc. The XD05 Plus2 supports two USB operating modes(UAC1.0 and UAC2.0), which allows for easy connection with different devices including smartphones, laptops, PCs, tablets, gaming consoles, etc.

xDuoo XD05 Plus2-3

The XD05 Plus2 supports swappable OPAMP design enabling the user to easily adjust the signature of the device. xDuoo XD05 Plus2 also has multiple digital filters to customize the output easily. it comes equipped with a large-capacity battery that provides an incredible battery life of up to 18H(Bluetooth input). The XD05 Plus2 is a versatile device that suits every portable scenario and helps you get high-resolution audio through your gaming consoles as well. It is priced at a pocket-friendly price of just 269$, feel free to check out more information here.

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