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xDuoo Releases MU-604 High-Performance Desktop DAC & MU-605 HD Bluetooth Receiver

xDuoo Releases MU-604 High-Performance Desktop DAC & MU-605 HD Bluetooth Receiver

xDuoo needs no introduction among the audiophile community. The brand is widely recognized for its outstanding range of desktop and portable HiFi audio gears. They excel in designing portable DAC/AMPs, desktop headphone amplifiers, audio decoders, and other HiFi audio gears. Today, xDuoo adds two new products to its ever-growing collection of audio gears, the xDuoo MU-604(Desktop DAC), and the xDuoo MU-605(HD Bluetooth Receiver and Decoder). Both the products are from the budget category, but both of them hit way above their price segment with their premium performance.

The latest “MU” series of products match exactly the “MT” series of headphone amplifier lineup which has been here since last year from xDuoo. Without wasting any more time, let’s know more about the latest MU-604 and the MU-605.

xDuoo MU-604 Desktop DAC:-

The MU-604 is a high-performance Desktop DAC from xDuoo. Equipped with two high-performance DAC chips from ESS Sabre Technologies(ES9018K2Mx2), the MU-604 brings unmatched performance to your desktop chain. It houses an XMOS XU208 8-core USB receiver enabling support for high-resolution PCM(32-Bit/384kHz) and native DSD256 signals through the USB input. As for inputs, xDuoo has also featured two different digital inputs on the MU-604 too(Coaxial and Optical). The device supports both single-ended as well as balanced analog outputs housing RCA and 3-pin XLR output ports. 

xDuoo MU-604-1

For low-power sources such as old-generation PC/Laptops, Nintendo Switch, or even Playstation, the xDuoo MU-604 supports USB1.0 mode while for most new devices it supports USB 2.0 mode. The USB mode can easily be switched using the switch at the back. xDuoo has featured a textured matte aluminum alloy chassis on the MU604. There’s also an OLED display that adds to the rich and premium look of the device. It is launched officially for 169$, feel free to check more information here.

xDuoo MU-605 HD Bluetooth Receiver:-

Do you want to add a Bluetooth receiver to your existing chain? Do you want a device that provides the digital output and supports high-resolution Bluetooth input??? Well, all your requirements will meet easily with the latest MU-605 HD Bluetooth receiver from xDuoo. With the latest-gen Bluetooth chipset, the xDuoo MU-605 provides you with strong and stable Bluetooth V5.1 connectivity. It supports high-definition wireless signal transmission supporting Hi-Res wireless codecs like LDAC, AptX HD, AptX LL, etc. The LDAC transmission here supports wireless transmission at a high-definition 24-bit/96kHz bitrate. xDuoo MU-605 works flawlessly with the source device up to a distance of about 10 meters(unbarred). It provides the users with an option to take digital output through AES, Coaxial, and Optical digital outputs. It also houses a premium Dual DAC Chipset with two ES9018K2M DAC chips. The device also provides XLR balanced and RCA single-ended analog outputs.

xDuoo MU-605-1

Talking about the looks and design, the MU-605 looks identical to the MU-604 with the same elements including a textured matte chassis, a bright OLED display, etc. xDuoo MU-605 has got a price tag of 179$, refer here for more information.

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