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xDuoo MT-605 Digital Power Amplifier With 12AU7 Tube!!

xDuoo MT-605 Digital Power Amplifier With 12AU7 Tube!!

Adding to their MT and MU series of budget desktop audio gears, xDuoo has announced the all-new MT-605 Tube Digital Power Amplifier. It’s a digital power amplifier based on the powerful TI TPA3116 power amplifier chip with a 12AU7 tube in the pre-amp stage for a powerful yet sweet and delicate sound signal amplification. It’s compatible with most stereo bookshelf speakers in the market with its high-power output. Add the MT-605 to your desktop chain and experience the tube goodness with your stereo setup.

xDuoo MT605-1

xDuoo MT-605 is available as a standalone device price at just 139.99$, refer here for more details.

With the help of a high-power TI TPA3116 digital power amp chip, the MT-605 amplifies the signal and prepares it for your speakers. It does its job with good precision maintaining a clean, noise-free background even with sensitive speakers. MT-605 has got a high-power output of 30W for each channel at 4Ω of impedance load. MT-605 adopts a 12AU7 Tube for adding a tubey goodness to the output signal. When the sound signal flows through the tube, it gets a sweet touch adding richness to the output. With the MT-605 by your side, you will get an organic-rich sound where vocals pop out with life!!

xDuoo MT605-2

Just like other products in the MT and MU series by xDuoo, the latest MT-605 adopts Japanese Rubicon and Nichicon capacitors as the main filter capacitance on the device. MT-605 has an identical look to the other products from the series with a sandblasted Aluminum Alloy textured chassis and a red volume knob at the front. xDuoo has priced the MT-605 quite attract very at just 139.99$!!

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