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xDuoo Announces TA26S Tube Headphone Amplifier With 4.4mm Balanced Headphone Connection

xDuoo Announces TA26S Tube Headphone Amplifier With 4.4mm Balanced Headphone Connection

xDuoo has announced a successor to the classic TA26 tube headphone amplifier with the release of the all-new TA26S. The primary upgrade that we have got with the new TA26S is the addition of a new 4.4mm balanced headphone output alongside the standard 6.35mm single-ended headphone output. As we all are aware, most new headphones and IEMs now have 4.4mm termination as stock, this new update will surely help the users to use their Headphones with the TA26S using a balanced 4.4mm connection.

xDulo TA26s-1

With this new update, the price of the TA26S is kept the same as the OG TA26 model, it’s available for 319$. You can check out more details here.

xDuoo TA26S adopts a high-performance 6N8P tube in the pre-amp stage giving a rich, smooth, warm tone to the vocals and instruments. Specially treating the sound with a rich, lovely tone that provides a pleasurable listening experience for the users. It also features a high-performance 6N5P vacuum tube in the buffer stage that makes the sound soft and treats it with a charming tone. With the professionally designed vacuum tube architecture on the TA26S, it pairs well with your headphones and delivers a quality listening experience.

xDulo TA26s-2

xDuoo TA26S adopts high-quality professional-grade components including resistors and capacitors. This enables the amplifier to produce clean sound with lower distortion. It has got an ultra-low total harmonic distortion rating(THD+N) of less than 0.1%. xDuoo has equipped the TA26S with high-quality gold-plated RCA ports. It has a high-power headphone output with ratings up to 500mW at 300 and 600Ω of impedance loads. TA26S is suitable for headphones with 60Ω to 600Ω impedance ratings. xDuoo TA-26S features an RCA Aux line-out port at the back of the amplifier. Users can easily adjust the volume using the volume wheel at the front. It enables the TA26S to be used as a pre-amp for active speakers or power amps in the chain.

xDulo TA26s-3

Like every other device in their lineup, xDuoo TA26S is pretty well-built. It features solid high-quality aluminum alloy chassis. This chassis has been treated with a sandblasting technique for a rich, textured finish.  xDuoo TA26S comes as a welcome upgrade to the classic headphone amplifier. In today’s time, most portable and desktop devices come equipped with a 4.4mm balanced port. It’s good to see that the TA26S also has one for balanced connections. Another good thing is that xDuoo has kept the price the same as the original model, available for just 319$. Feel free to check out more details here.

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