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Unique Melody Mest MKII Available On HiFiGo Now!!

Unique Melody Mest MKII Available On HiFiGo Now!!

Unique Melody(also known as UM) is a brand we all look forward to when we look for a premium set of in-ear monitors. Recently we launched their beautiful tri-dynamic UM 3DT IEMs on our store. Today we are launching the highly-anticipated Unique Melody Mest Mkii on our store. Unique Melody Mest MKii is the successor of the veteran UM Mest bringing the user an improved Quadbrid driver configuration, new design, better fit, and a highly transparent sound signature. The UM Mest MKii is available to purchase at our store with a price tag of 1499.99$. You can check out more details here.

Unique Melody Mest MKii-1


>Carbon Fibre+Gold Foil Facepanels.

>dBC’s- Dual-sides Bone Conduction System.

>Dual Highly-Detailed Electrostatic Drivers.

>Four High-Performance Balanced Armature Drivers.

>One Powerful Dynamic Driver.

>Professionally Designed 5-Way Crossover.

>Transparent, Clean Sound Output.

>Non-Fatiguing Signature.

>Wide Frequency Response.

>High-Quality Cable.

>High-Quality Azla Sedna-Fit Ear tips.

>Impedance: 12.3 ohms.

>Sensitivity: 112dB @ 1kHz.

>Frequency Response Range: 20Hz-70kHz.

>UM M2 24Awg Upper-Grade OCC Custom Cable.

Unique Melody Mest MKii-2

Newly-Designed Dual-Sided Bone Conduction System:-

Unique Melody has redesigned the Bone Conduction system for the Mest MKii. Now the Mest MKii uses a double-sided piezoelectric bone conduction driver system. The driver here is placed in between two supporting plates. With this, the driver has a larger contacting area with the shells which effectively improves the transmission efficiency and sensitivity. This driver is arranged of a full range refinement in the signal.

Unique Melody Mest MKii-3

Beautiful Carbon Fibre Shell:-

The effectiveness of the Bone Conduction drivers depends on the fitting coherence and skin contact. UM has designed the Mest MKii with high-quality carbon fibre material. The pair has beautiful looks with carbon fibre and gold foil mixed design on the ear cavities. The pair now also features upgraded metal vents that allow for better air pressure management inside the cavity resulting in better performance.

Quadbrid Driver Configuration:-

Unique Melody Mest MKii utilizes a quadbrid driver configuration with a total of eight drivers per side. The pair features a powerful dynamic driver producing an impactful lower end, two BA units for natural and lively mid frequencies, two BA units for energetic high-frequencies, two EST units for highly-detailed ultra-high frequencies, and a Dual Sides Bone Conduction driver for a full-range refinement. Thanks to the highly responsive driver configuration, the frequency response with Mest MKii reaches as high as 70kHz.

Unique Melody Mest MKii-4

Ergonomic Design For Comfortable Fit:-

Unique Melody has upgraded the design of the original Mest to provide a more comfortable fit. The pair provides an improved fit with better noise isolation and a comfy wearing experience.

High-Purity OCC Copper Cable:-

Unique Melody Mest MKii comes with a high-quality PVC coated cable. It is made with 4 cores of 24AWG OCC Copper material providing high-grade performance with the pair. Users can also buy it in the 4.4mm termination option.

Unique Melody Mest MKii-5

Pricing & Availability:-

The Unique Melody Mest MKii is available to purchase from our store with a price tag of 1499.99$. You can check out more details on our store page here.

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Patson Godinho - November 4, 2021

Hi do you guys do CIEMs for the mest mk2?

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