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Unique Melody Maven Pro: Latest 12-driver Hybrid IEMs With Titanium Ear Shells

Unique Melody Maven Pro: Latest 12-driver Hybrid IEMs With Titanium Ear Shells

Unique Melody is a leading brand when it comes to premium high-fidelity in-ear monitors. Well-known for their recently launched Mest MK2, MEXT, etc in-ear monitors, Unique Melody has always been an innovative brand bringing new technologies into portable in-ear monitors. They were the first brand to feature Bone Conduction drivers in premium in-ear monitors. Today, Unique Melody has announced an upgrade to its classic Maven multi-driver IEMs, meet the all-new Unique Melody Maven Pro.

Unique Melody Maven Pro-1

Equipped with a twelve-driver configuration on each side, Unique Melody Maven Pro is a premium high-end pair designed with Titanium shells. Unique Melody has featured ten high-performance balanced armatures and two electrostatic drivers on each side of the Maven Pro. These drivers are professionally tuned and adjusted in a four-way frequency crossover. UM Maven Pro is launched for 1799$!!

Unique Melody has designed a 3D printed acoustic cavity structure consisting of four independent tunnels that go from the drivers mouth directly into the mouth nozzle of the shells. This allows the pair to perform well, allowing each driver to work precisely on the tuned frequency segment with ultra-low distortion and interference. Unique Melody has adjusted the tuning of the Maven Pro for a deep diving bass response, rich midrange, detailed treble, and a spacious soundstage. With its whopping 12-driver arrangement, the Maven Pro produces crisp high-resolution clarity that brings a new experience with every track we listen to it!!

Unique Melody Maven Pro-2

Unique Melody Maven Pro has got high-quality Titanium alloy material ear shells. Titanium is a rare, precious metal that absorbs very little sound waves. With Titanium shells, there is a rare chance of any distortion or echo caused by the refraction of sound waves inside the ear cavities. Unique Melody has used high-precision 3D printing technology with high-end equipment to design precisely-crafted ear shells. Maven pro looks stunning with its impressive Sapphire Blue color profile. Each unit of Maven Pro is hand-crafted by skilled professionals. Each shell is finalized after 12 hours of polishing. With the Maven Pro, Unique Melody has targeted to design a high-end earphone with Titanium shells.

Unique Melody Maven Pro-3

Unique Melody Maven Pro comes with a high-end UM Copper M2 cable. It uses standard 0.78mm connectors. The cable will be available in three different options that users can choose from while purchasing the set. This includes a single-ended 3.5mm, a balanced 4.4mm, and another balanced 2.5mm termination. Unique Melody Maven Pro is a high-end in-ear monitor crafted using hand-crafted titanium material shells. The pair is launched officially for 1799$, you can check out more information here.

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