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Unboxing of Oppo Enco Q1 ANC headset | Hifigo

Unboxing of Oppo Enco Q1 ANC headset | Hifigo

OPPO has put a lot of effort into the new launching ANC headset, even in a large number of brands, OPPO Enco Q1, a diverse market for wireless headphones, has also performed well. 

oppo enco q1 anc wireless headset

OPPO Enco Q1 is designed on the external light, exquisite and stylish collar structure with sunny orange, midnight black, star silver tricolor optional color scheme, for young consumers. There's a lot of temptation. The one we are unboxing is midnight black.  

oppo enco q1 anc wireless headset 2

There are four main features of the OPPO ENCO Q on the back of the box and much information about the spec on the label. 

oppo enco q1 anc wireless headset 3

The streamlining radian neck ring can be 3D curved to fit the neck. 

oppo enco q1 anc wireless headset 4

The ANC headset, type -c USB charging cable, three pairs of ear tips. 

OPPO claims that the headset uses a USB-C charging port, delivers 15 hours of battery backup with noise canceling on, and 22 hours with noise canceling off. It has a quick charge that offers up to 5 hours of usage with just 15 minutes of charge.

oppo enco q1 anc wireless headset 5

OPPO Enco Q1 uses 4Mic FF+FB dual active noise reduction, that is, feedforward(FF) + feedback(FB) mixed noise reduction, in which 4Mic represents that OPPO Enco Q1 headset has four microphones to reduce noise. After collecting the wind noise and environmental noise, using the internal algorithm to reduce the noise, the noise reduction effect is much better than the three Mic designs commonly used in the industry. 

oppo enco q1 anc wireless headset 6

OPPO Enco Q1 supports IPX4 Life Waterproof and Bluetooth 5.0, both of which are equally commendable in the wireless headset industry. You know, wireless headphones in the process of wearing naked in the environment, will inevitably encounter Rain Water dripping and other unexpected situations, if there is no the most basic ability to prevent splashing, it is easy to cause damage to the product itself. Obviously, this kind of situation can be avoided in OPPO Enco Q1. 

oppo enco q1 anc wireless headset 7

After all, OPPO Enco Q1 wireless noise-canceling headset is not OPPO's first attempt in the field of audio technology. Taken into account, OPPO is a brand with a traditional music tradition, and it has been accumulated for 15 years in the field of music technology. For the entire headset industry, such a company not only has profound technical support but also is willing to listen to the opinions of users to solve the strong entry of the brand that users need this year if the price also meets the needs of ordinary consumers. So OPPO Enco Q1 ANC headset is a good choice.

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