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TRN X7: Seven BA Driver IEMs With Designer Ear Shells

TRN X7: Seven BA Driver IEMs With Designer Ear Shells

TRN Audio is a HiFi IEMs and BT earphone brand based in China. They have a wide arsenal of products covering most of the entry-level segments. Today, TRN has released its latest multi-BA set of IEMs, the TRN X7. As the name says X7, the pair features seven Balanced armature drivers producing audio nirvana for you with ultimate clarity and detail in your music. The brand has designed the pair with a specially-developed sound duct system that serves as an independent 3-channel frequency crossover system. TRN X7 boasts beautiful looks with colorful ear cavities carved out of medical-grade resin material using a high-precision 3D printing process. TRN X7 is officially released at an attractive price of just 128$, check out more details here.
You could also purchase it on HiFiGo's Amazon Store:
America Amazon:
Japan Amazon:
https://www.amazon.co.jp/dp/B09C87Z4DK/HiFiイヤホンTRN X7-1


>Premium Seven Balanced Armature Driver Configuration.

>Sweet, Highly-Resolving Sound Tuning.

>Physical & Electric Frequency Crossover.

>Internal Acoustic Tube Design.

>High-Precision 3D-Printed Ear Cavities.

>Colourful, Rich Look With Resin Faceplates.

>Comfortable & Firm Fit.

>Rich Accessories.

>Impedance: 20Ohm.

>Sensitivity: 102dB.

>Frequency Response Range: 20Hz-40kHz.

>2-Pin connector cable.

>3.5mm Termination Plug.

Listen To The Minutest Details In Your Music With A Premium Seven BA Configuration:-

TRN X7 is capable of delivering a musical experience to you like never before. The pair features seven customized BA drivers per side for exceptional performance. It utilizes a customized 22955 low-frequency driver, two customized 50060 for upper midrange and high-frequencies, one customized 29689 for lower-midrange and bass response, and three customized 30095 drivers for outstanding treble frequency reproduction.

TRN X7-2

Tuned By Professionals For Excellent Performance:-

TRN X7 is tuned by professional audio acoustic engineers to deliver a highly resolving sound with a full-bodied response throughout a wide frequency range. The pair has a sweet, balanced sound tuning with a neutral, natural tonality and wide soundstage presentation.

Crafted With Perfection:-

TRN utilizes DLP(Digital Light Processing) 3D printing- a highly precise 3D printing technology with impeccable accuracy to design the beautiful earpieces in TRN X7. They feature a specially designed internal acoustic chamber with an independent duct system. The shells are made using medical-grade resin specially imported from Germany for the X7 earphones. The look here is complemented by a colorful resin face cover.

TRN X7-3

Physical+Electronic Frequency Crossover:-

In order to design a product with pure sound with ultra-low distortion and crosstalk between multiple drivers, TRN X7 features a 3-channel independent sound duct system(acoustic tubes) for physical frequency crossover and a professional audio-grade electronics SMT surface-mount PCB Board for electrical frequency crossover. This helps the pair achieve high-class performance and allows the drivers to use all their strength.

Comfortable For Long Music Sessions:-

TRN has studied huge ear shape data together with nationally-renown ear specialists in order to design ergonomic and lightweight shells for the TRN X7. The pair not only sounds wonderful, it even provides an extremely comfortable and lightweight.

TRN X7-4

Audiophile-Grade Rich Accessories:-

TRN maintains a great brand image with all of its products, they pack the latest X7 with a 4-core silver-plated cable that effectively reduces interference, crosstalk, and transmission loss. Other accessories include an aluminum earphone case, 6.35mm adapter, airline adapter, seven pairs of ear tips.

Price & Availability:-

TRN X7 is available in two different variants, one with an in-line mic and the other without. It starts at 128$ for the without mic variant and goes for 129$ for the mic-cable variant. Shipments have already begun, order yours today.

As with all our orders, we offer free express worldwide shipping on orders above 500$. We also offer free priority shipping for selected regions for orders above 100$ check out more details on our shipping policy here.

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