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TRN VX Pro: Latest Flagship IEMs With 9-Driver Hybrid Configuration(1DD+8BA)

TRN VX Pro: Latest Flagship IEMs With 9-Driver Hybrid Configuration(1DD+8BA)

In the pursuit of finding the eternal call for audio nirvana, TRN Audio has announced its latest flagship set of in-ear monitors in the famous “V” series, behold the brand new TRN VX Pro. VX Pro houses a whooping 9 driver hybrid configuration per side inside well-crafted aerospace-grade aluminum alloy housings. The pair features a classic combination of Dynamic and Balanced Armature drivers with one CNT(carbon nanotube) dynamic driver and eight high-performance balanced armature drivers. Years of experience in designing and tuning HiFi earphones has come in handy for TRN as the VX Pro was in development for over 2 years. The pair comes bundled with a 4-core silver-plated copper cable that has 3.5mm termination plug. TRN VX Pro is priced quite attractively at just 88.80$. Users can also buy VX Pro with an in-line microphone cable for just 89.80$, check more details here.
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TRN VX Pro-1


>Nine driver hybrid configurations per side for exceptional performance.

>One CNT(Carbon NanoTube) Diaphragm Dynamic Driver.

>Eight high-resolution Balanced Armature drivers.

>Benchmark performance.

>High-precision five-axis CNC machined aviation-grade aluminum alloy chassis.

>Exquisite craftsmanship.

>Ergonomic & comfortable.

>High-purity 4-core silver-plated copper cable.

Technical Specs:-

>Impedance: 22Ω.

>Frequency response range: 7Hz-40kHz.

>Sensitivity: 106dB.

>Color Options: Midnight Blue/Moonshine Silver.

TRN VX Pro-2

Exceptionally Good Flagship-Grade Performance:-

TRN has designed its latest flagship VX Pro with a nine-driver hybrid configuration on each side. That’s a whopping 18 drivers per pair. The pair has a classic combination of one dynamic driver paired to multiple balanced armature drivers for a high-resolution performance. The drivers are arranged in a three-way frequency crossover with DD unit for a lower-end response, 4 customized 30095 BA drivers for the high-frequency response, and four customized 50060 BA drivers for the mid-range response.

Highly-Advanced CNT Diaphragm Coil:-

The dynamic driver here in TRN VX Pro utilizes an advanced CNT(Carbon Nano Tube) diaphragm coil with high rigidity and elasticity. It helps the pair achieve deep hitting powerful lower-end response with punchy mid-bass slams and thunderous sub-bass rumble. It produces a powerful magnetic flux with its dual-cavity magnetic design that allows for swift movement of the diaphragm coil.

TRN VX Pro-3

High-Resolution Balanced Armature Drivers:-

With customized BA drivers, TRN VX Pro produces a high-resolution mid and high-frequency response. The pair produces rich, full-bodied vocals with airy midrange. The high-frequencies have a smooth, non-fatiguing presentation allowing the users to enjoy their favorite music for countless hours without getting tired.

Beautiful, Exquisite, Well-Crafted Aviation-Grade Aluminum Alloy Shells:-

Each and every single unit of TRN VX Pro is milled from high-quality aerospace-grade aluminum alloy material using high-precision CNC machining processes. The pair is available in two extremely beautiful color options, Midnight Blue and Moonlight Silver. TRN has designed the shells after a deep study on ear anatomy data to achieve an ergonomic and comfortable fit for most users.

TRN VX Pro-4

High-Purity Silver-plated Copper Cable:-

We can’t guarantee quality performance with a cheap cable, that’s why TRN packs the VX Pro with an audiophile-grade 4-core silver-plated copper cable that has a 3.5mm termination plug. This cable provides a rich experience for the users with a balanced & transparent sound.

Price & Availability:-

TRN VX Pro is available to purchase with our store in two different color options(Moonlight Silver and Midnight Blue. The pair has two different variants, With mic and Without mic. It starts at just 88.80$ for the without mic variant, with an in-line microphone VX Pro is priced at 89.80$, check out more details here.

Shipping Policy:-

 【Priority】 1-2 weeks, US/CA/JP/AU/KR/MY/TH/VN/SG/PH and more, All tax and duty prepaid by HiFiGo, FREE shipping on $100+.

【Priority】 1-2 weeks, Europe 30 Countries, All tax and duty all prepaid by HiFiGo , FREE shipping on $300+.

【SuperLine】5-8 Days , FR/DE/UK/IT/ES/US, All tax and duty are prepaid by HiFiGo.

Express FREE shipping on $500+ worldwide.

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