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TRN TA1 Latest Dual Driver Hybrid In-Ear Monitors Released

TRN TA1 Latest Dual Driver Hybrid In-Ear Monitors Released

TRN has released its all-new dual-driver hybrid pair of in-ear monitors, the TRN TA1. The pair features luxurious magnesium alloy ear shells housing a premium dual driver setup consisting of an 8mm dual-core dynamic driver unit and a Knowles 33518 Balanced Armature driver unit. The pair has an attractive price tag of just 40$, it is available on order from our store here. You can also check the unboxing video for this extremely beautiful IEM from our YouTube video below, also do subscribe us for more audio related videos.


>Hybrid Dual Driver Setup.

>Knowles 33518 BA Driver.

>8mm Dual-Core Dynamic Driver.

>Premium Magnesium Alloy Housing.

>Impedance: 16 Ohms.

>Sensitivity: 107dB.

>Frequency Response Range: 10Hz-40kHz.

>Universal MMCX Connectors.


Premium Magnesium Alloy Ear Shells:-

The ear shells in TRN TA1 are made with premium Magnesium alloy material using high-precision technologies for an exquisite and premium finish. They are designed in a small form factor to provide a comfortable fit for most of its users. The earpieces look simply elegant and sturdy with a metallic build.

Powerful Micro Dynamic Driver Unit:-

TRN has equipped the TA1 with an 8mm micro dynamic driver unit. It’s a dual-core dynamic driver unit providing an excellent bass response with precise control and quick speed. The pair provides a fast, deep bass response that complements the other frequencies very well.

High-Performance Knowles Balanced Armature Driver:-

The DD unit is paired with a high-performance BA unit from Knowles. Knowles is a well-known brand in the industry for its high-performance BA drivers. TRN has chosen Knowles 33518 driver for sweet vocals and a smooth, detailed treble response with the TA1. The pair has a non-fatiguing signature making it suitable for long listening sessions.

Easy To Drive:-

The TRN TA1 has a low impedance rating of 16 ohms with a high-sensitivity rating of 107dB/mW. The pair can be powered easily using smartphones, portable players, and more devices.


Pricing & Availability:-

The TRN TA1 has a price tag of 40$ only, it is available to purchase from our store here. Shipments have already begun, grab a unit for yourself today!!!!

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