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TRN Releases "EMX": New Flagship-Audiophile Flathead Earbuds With 14.2mm Large Dynamic Driver

TRN Releases "EMX": New Flagship-Audiophile Flathead Earbuds With 14.2mm Large Dynamic Driver

TRN Audio is a well-recognized name in the HiFi in-ear monitors industry mainly focusing on the budget segment. They have got years of expertise in designing HiFI in-ear monitors and earbuds as well as their Wireless Bluetooth adapters. Today, TRN has released an all-new pair of flathead earbuds, the TRN EMX. Designed with a large 14.2mm PET composite diaphragm, the TRN EMX delivers a lively sound performance with a punchy bass response and crystal clear vocals.


TRN EMX is launched officially for just 39.80$, available in a striking silver color. Check out more information here.

TRN EMX has got beautiful and lightweight ear shells crafted using a five-axis CNC machining process. TRN has used high-quality aviation-grade aluminum alloy material for the stunning shells of EMX. The shells here have got a grill on the face cover area for managing the air pressure inside the cavity and your ear canal. TRN has crafted the shells with an ergonomic shape for a super comfy wearing experience.


The pair houses a large 14.2mm dynamic driver on each side. It uses PET composite diaphragm that promises a punchy and powerful sound performance. EMX packs a punchy lower end with deep-hitting soulful bass response, crisp midrange, and elegant treble response. Professional acoustic engineers have adjusted the tuning for the EMX to complement different genres of music nicely with the pair.


EMX comes with a high-quality silver-plated oxygen-free copper cable. The best part is that this cable is modular. It allows the users to easily swap the termination plugs as and whenever required. The package will include 2.5mm balanced, 4.4mm balanced, and 3.5mm single-ended termination plugs. This cable has standard 2-pin connectors for a firm connection with the ear shells.

At just 39.80$, TRN EMX is a great set of flathead earbuds that offer quality sound with a comfortable, relaxing fit, and comes at an attractive price tag. You can check out more information over here.

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