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TRN MT4 Latest Dual Dynamic Driver IEMs

TRN MT4 Latest Dual Dynamic Driver IEMs

2023 has started with a range of new dual-dynamic driver IEMs. We just announced the release of the amazing TRI Star River, and here we have brought you another dual dynamic driver IEM, meet the all-new TRN MT4. TRN has always focused straight on designing HiFi IEMs at pocket-friendly prices. Their products are widely appreciated for their excellent sound characteristics. The latest MT4 is TRN’s first project with a dual dynamic driver arrangement. The pair features a combination of 10mm and 6mm dynamic driver units on each side. Not to mention, they are designed with utmost precision and professionalism to ensure crisp high-resolution audio performance.


TRN MT4 is probably one of the most affordable sets in the market today with a new-generation dual dynamic driver arrangement priced at just 16.80$. It is also available with an in-line mic variant priced at 17.80$. You can check out more information on the TRN MT4 over here.

As mentioned earlier in this blog, the MT4 houses a dual dynamic driver configuration. One is a 10mm beryllium-coated dynamic driver unit that produces an impactful lower end. It is accompanied by a 6mm lightweight diaphragm dynamic driver unit that acts as the incharge for lovely midrange and crisp treble performance. Through professional adjustments, the pair delivers a pure high-resolution audio experience with good musicality and resolution.


The drivers are enclosed in beautifully crafted ear shells. The cavities here are made up of high-quality skin-friendly resin material with a metallic zinc alloy face cover for astonishing looks. The shells are designed in an ergonomic shape with lightweight aesthetics that helps the listener to achieve complete comfort with the pair. TRN has designed the pair with a low-impedance, high-sensitivity design. This ensures the listeners will enjoy high-fidelity music through any source including their smartphones. Obviously, the pair will perform better with a dedicated high-resolution source.


TRN MT4 features standard 2-pin 0.78mm connectors. It comes with a high-quality sock cable with 3.5mm termination and you can also opt for a mic cable. Standard connectors will allow you to easily replace the cable with upgrade lines or Bluetooth cables. MT4 is a brilliant offering at a brilliant price point. You can experience the goodness of two independently working dynamic drivers on each side with the MT4. It surely has crisp resolution and punches way above its price bracket. The pair is available in two striking color options, Sterling Silver and Jet Black. Know more information about the TRN MT4 here.

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