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TRN Introduces T350 All-New Bluetooth V5.3 Dual-Driver Hybrid TWS Earphones

TRN Introduces T350 All-New Bluetooth V5.3 Dual-Driver Hybrid TWS Earphones

TRN has introduced a brand new pair of TWS earphones, the TRN T350. It comes as a successor to the highly-acclaimed T300, and features a customized dual-driver configuration. TRN has featured a premium 8mm Graphene dual-cavity dynamic driver along with a Knowles 33518 Balanced armature driver on each side. TRN features Qualcomm’s latest QCC3071 Bluetooth chipset, which supports the latest Bluetooth V5.3 connectivity, offering stable Bluetooth connectivity with low interference and lower latency suitable for gaming and videos!!

TRN T350-1

TRN T350 is launched officially for 118.80$, check out more information here.

With the help of Qualcomm’s latest QCC 3071 Bluetooth chipset, TRN T350 supports the latest Bluetooth V5.3 connectivity with high-resolution AptX Adaptive transmission protocol. The AptX Adaptive codec enables the transmission of audio signals with high-definition 24-Bit/420kbps bitrate. The Bluetooth V5.3 connectivity offers a more stable connection with lower RG Interference and lower noise floor compared to the previous generation of Bluetooth Connection options. It also offers low-latency connectivity which provides a low-latency of 68ms, making it an ideal companion while you game and enjoy movies. Low latency mode can be enabled by pressing the right earpiece three times.

TRN T350-2

For producing outstanding sound, TRN has featured a premium dual-driver setup on the TRN T350. The pair houses an 8mm dual-cavity graphene dynamic driver unit paired with a high-performance Knowles 33518 BA driver. They produce crisp sound clarity delivering immersive bass response and ultimate resolution for vocals and instruments. The drivers are enclosed in beautifully crafted 3D-printed ear shells that offer a lightweight design and comfortable ergonomics.

TRN T350-3

TRN T350 is a pair of TWS that supports wireless charging function. You can charge the charging case using wireless chargers easily. Do note that there are no wireless chargers included in the package. It has IPX54 dust and waterproof ratings that make it a compatible pair for daily casual usage. TRN T350 features a cVc noise-cancellation microphone technology with a dual-mic design. They ensure crisp voice transmission over phone calls. TRN T350 is an amazing set of TWS earphones equipped with the latest tech and features. It’s perfect for music as well as gaming and videos. Launched for just 118.80$, It’s priced quite attractively. Know more details here.

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