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TRN BA8 Latest 16BA Driver IEM Released

TRN BA8 Latest 16BA Driver IEM Released

In-ear monitors are the most commonly used gear among the audiophiles. They provide outstanding quality performance, available at all the price segments, and can be driven easily with your smartphones as well. Many brands from the industry are constantly bringing us new and updated pairs of in-ear monitors with the latest features. TRN is a brand based in China that specializes in manufacturing quality IEMs at pocket-friendly prices. They have many famous products like TRN VX, TRN V20, TRN V90, and many more providing good value for money. They are releasing their latest pair of in-ear monitors with 16 Balanced Armature drivers, the TRN BA8. This latest pair features beautifully crafted ear shells housing 8 customized units of BA drivers on each side. The TRN BA8 is priced at 137.99$, check out more details here.



>Custom Tuned 16 Balanced Armature Drivers.

>Three Drivers for high frequencies, four for mid frequencies, and one for lows on each side.

>Impedance: 20 Ohms.

>Sensitivity: 100dB/mW.

>Frequency Response Range: 20Hz-20kHz.

>0.75mm 2-pin connectors.

>3.5mm Termination Plug.

>Driver Units: Customised 30095 *2 High Frequencies+ 29689 *2 Mids+ 50060*2 Mids+ 22955*1 Lows.

Full 16 BA Units For Impeccable Listening Experience:-

The TRN BA8 is equipped with a total of 16 BA units to provide the users with an outstanding sonic atmosphere. It has 8 driver units on each side. The pair produces an impeccable listening experience with a wide frequency response range providing deep powerful bass, well-extended highs, and rich lush vocals.

Professionally Tuned For The Best Product:-

The TRN BA8 is made with over 13 months of research and development by professional engineers. They have tuned the pair with utmost precision and latest technology ensuring the users get a distortion-free smooth sound output rich with details. The drivers are arranged and carefully-tuned in a professional electronic cross-over that reduces the multi-driver distortion and provides a natural tonality to the pair.

Made With The Best Material:-

Not only the pair provide brilliant sonic performance, but it is also designed with great precision. The ear shells are made with aerospace-grade magnesium alloy shells using 5-axis CNC technology.  The shells are beautifully hand finished to perfection and then finally varnished with multi-layer ceramic coating. They are super light-weight with an ergonomic design ensuring the users get a firm and comfortable fit. The cable included in the package is a high-quality 4-core audio grade OCC copper cable.

Easy To Drive:-

The pair has a very low impedance rating of just 20 ohms and a sensitivity rating of 100dB/mW, it is very easy to drive. Users will be able to enjoy high-quality music anytime anywhere without the need for expensive gears.


TRN products are appreciated well by the audiophiles for their build and sonic qualities. The TRN BA8 looks really interesting, it has beautiful aerospace-grade magnesium alloy ear shells with powerful 8BA drivers on each side. We loved the TRN V90 and TRN VX, and are really having good thoughts about the BA8 too. Just can’t wait to get a unit in our hands. The pair is priced at 137.99$, check out more details here.

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