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TRN Audio Launches "BA16" Latest Flagship 16 Balanced Armature Driver IEMs

TRN Audio Launches "BA16" Latest Flagship 16 Balanced Armature Driver IEMs

TRN Audio has released a brand new flagship set of in-ear monitors, introducing the all-new TRN BA16. The pair comes as a successor to the widely acclaimed BA15 IEMs with enhanced interior and exterior design. TRN has equipped the set with an astonishing 16-balanced armature driver on each side. Each driver is carefully chosen and precisely adjusted to deliver an immensely clean and precise sound signature. The TRN BA16 is the latest flagship for the brand, It has been crafted with utmost care and precision with top-quality components to ensure an amazing listening experience for its users. Get the TRN BA16 for yourself and explore your favourite music in an all-new light.

TRN BA16-1

TRN BA16 is launched officially for 234$, You can check out more information over here. It is also available on our Aliexpress, Amazon Japan, and Amazon US Stores as well.

TRN has designed the BA16 with a whooping 16 balanced armature driver arrangement on each side. The pair in total has 32 high-performance balanced armature drivers producing impressive resolution throughout the frequency band. The drivers are carefully adjusted using professional electronic crossover that helps in getting the best performance out of each driver unit. TRN has adjusted the drivers in a four-way frequency crossover. There are 6 BA drivers for ultra-high and high frequencies, 6 BA drivers for crisp midrange, 3 BA drivers for midrange and bass response, and 1 BA driver for punchy lower-end. They produce an outstanding resolution, ultimate clarity, and an open and airy presentation.

TRN BA16-2

TRN BA16 features three tuning switches that allow the users to play around and get their desired sound with the pair. Three tuning switches enable six different tuning profiles with the set. The pair has exquisite craftsmanship, the shells are CNC machined out of aviation-grade aluminium magnesium alloy material. TRN BA16 has rich and premium looks with a smooth metallic finish. The pair comes bundled with a high-purity eight-core silver-plated OFC cable. The cable here has a swappable termination plug system featuring 3.5mm single-ended, 2.5mm and 4.4mm balanced termination plugs. Multiple termination plugs allow for easy pairing with different sources. The pair itself is fairly easy to drive. It has a low-impedance rating of 34Ω and a high sensitivity of 105dB. it allows for easy high-resolution sound even with common sources such as smartphones, laptops, etc. Obviously, a better source such as a DAC/AMP or a dedicated DAP will provide better-quality output.

TRN BA16-2

TRN BA16 is the latest flagship from the house of TRN Audio. The brand is known for its excellent range of IEMs, each of which delivers a crazy price-to-performance ratio. The BA16 is also an interesting product, probably among the most equipped IEMs in the world. TRN has priced it attractively for just 234$, Check out more details here.

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