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TRI Launches Starsea Latest Triple Driver Hybrid IEM

TRI Launches Starsea Latest Triple Driver Hybrid IEM

TRI is a sister brand to KBear that produces premium quality high-end gears at affordable price ranges. Just a few months back they released their flagship offering the TRI Starlight with a powerful seven driver hybrid setup featuring 4 EST drivers. It grabbed a lot of attention and praised for its brilliant performance, eye-catchy looks, and premium performance at a pocket-friendly price. They have launched their latest hybrid driver pair of in-ear monitors, the TRI Starsea. It is a triple driver hybrid pair of IEMs featuring two BA drivers and one DD driver unit with beautifully designed earpieces. The pair is priced at 129$, check out more details here.

TRI Starsea-1


>Triple driver hybrid setup, featuring 2BA and 1DD unit.

>Skin-friendly Resin earpieces.

>Dual sound tuning switches.

>Precise frequency division.

>High-purity silver-plated cable.

>Impedance: 9.5 Ohms.

>0.78mm two-pin connectors.

>Frequency response range: 20Hz-20kHz.

>Sensitivity: 106dB+2dB.

Powerful Triple Driver Setup:-

The TRI Starsea houses a powerful triple driver hybrid setup on each side consisting of 2 BA units with a composite DD unit. Collectively they provide a high-resolution sound clarity with great precision. The pair features one triple frequency Knowles ED-29689 BA unit, one TRI-HI-A custom BA unit for ultra-high frequencies, and one high-molecular composite silicone crystal biological diaphragm DD unit for powerful thumps in the lower end.

Beautifully Crafted Skin-Friendly Earpieces:-

TRI Starsea-2

The earpieces in TRI Starsea is designed with utmost perfection. Face panels have a beautiful design that looks like a blend of glittery stars and waves from the sea. The earpieces are made with a skin-friendly resin material that is imported specially from Germany for the Starsea.

Versatile Sound Tuning:-

The beautiful earpieces in the TRI Starsea feature two sound tuning switches that users can use to adjust the sound output according to their preferences. Users can choose among four different sound tunings, bass, vocals, balanced, and pure natural sound as recorded as per their own preferences.

High-Quality Replaceable Cable:-

The TRI Starsea comes with a high-purity silver-plated cable in the package with a 3.5mm termination plug. The cable has universal 0.78m 2-pin connectors that open the doors to unlimited cable upgrade possibilities with the pair.

Very Easy to Power:-

The TRI Starsea is a super-sensitive pair. It has an ultra-low impedance of 9.5 Ohms with a high sensitivity value of 106dB. It is very easy to drive, users can enjoy high-fidelity music anytime anywhere with the ease of their smartphones.

TRI Starsea-3

TRI Starsea is a brilliant looking pair of in-ear monitors with a powerful driver setup and attractive price. It is priced at 129$ and looks like a steal at this price. Having previously used their flagship Starlight pair we are super excited for the Starsea.

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