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Topping Releases A70 Pro Headphone Amplifier & D70 Pro Sabre Flagship ES9039SPro DAC

Topping Releases A70 Pro Headphone Amplifier & D70 Pro Sabre Flagship ES9039SPro DAC

Topping is a familiar name among audiophiles. Over the years Topping has got a great reputation as one of the leading brands for desktop HiFi audio gear including everything from a desktop audio decoder to headphone amplifier, and more. Topping always keeps its products up to date with the latest technology and features. Today, Topping has released its brand new set of products, we have got the Topping A70 Pro High-Power Headphone Amplifier/Pre-Amplifier and Topping D70 Pro Sabre flagship-grade desktop DAC. Both products complement each other and are loaded with advanced chipsets and features. They are designed specifically to take your desktop setup to an all-new level of awesomeness!!

Topping A70 Pro D70 Pro Sabre-1

Topping A70 Pro is launched officially for 499$, and the D70 Pro Sabre is introduced for 699$. Both products can be bought separately as well as in a stack. The stack is available for 1198$ and includes a set of XLR connector cables. Let’s get to know more about them.

Topping A70 Pro:-

Topping’s latest A70 Pro is a premium headphone amplifier that packs loads and loads of power underneath an elegant shell design. Based on Topping’s latest T’ang-ku-la module design, the A70 Pro produces impeccable sound signal amplification. You are treated with a whooping 17000mW of clean output with ultra-low distortion and high SNR performance.

Topping A70 Pro D70 Pro Sabre-2

Topping has featured a newly-developed ultra-low noise input stage on the A70. It improves the noise performance of the balanced input and ensures extremely clean output. It also increases the input impedance to 20kΩ greatly improves its compatibility with other devices. The gain architecture has also been redesigned to further improve noise and distortion at high-gain settings. Topping has featured a precise volume adjustment system on the A70 Pro. The device uses relays and resistor networks to form an R2R volume control module. It provides precise volume adjustment with long service life and you won’t get any deviation even at low volume levels.

Topping A70 Pro supports a set of balanced XLR and Single-Ended RCA inputs. But users can expand the connections with the help of an external input device such as the Topping EXT90. With EXT90 connected to the A70 Pro, users get four Balanced XLR and two single-ended RCA inputs. Topping has featured a bright colorful display screen on the A70 Pro. This display can show different settings and functions!!

Topping A70 Pro D70 Pro Sabre-3

A70 Pro is an extremely strong amplifier, it can power any Headphones on the planet with its strong output!! Make sure to check out the complete list of features of the A70 Pro here.

Topping D70 Pro Sabre:-

As a companion to the A70Pro, Topping has launched the D70 Pro Sabre a flagship-grade desktop DAC. It brings the goodness of ESS Sabre’s latest ES9039SPro flagship 32-Bit DAC paired with a 16-core XMOS XU316 USB Processor. With a newly-developed I/V conversion circuit, D70 Pro Sabre promises quality performance with ultra-low distortion and high SNR performance. It is loaded with input options featuring Coaxial, USB, Optical, and Bluetooth V5.1 connectivity. Users can easily connect the D70 Pro with different devices with all these options.

Topping A70 Pro D70 Pro Sabre-4

D70 Pro Sabre has XLR and RCA output options. They can provide both line-out and pre-out. Users can easily switch between different output options. Output can be set to RCA, XLR, or Both ports at the same time. Topping D70 Pro Sabre also memorizes the volume setting for an easy output option. Similar to the A70 Pro, the D70 Pro also features a bright, colorful display screen.

Topping D70 Pro is a fantastic audio decoder that provides exceptional Hi-Res audio performance. It’s a perfect companion with A70 Pro and both together create the perfect desktop chain for headphones!! You can check out the D70 Pro Sabre and A70 Pro as a stack over here.

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