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Topping D90 III Sabre ESS9039SPro Bluetooth V5.1 Flagship Desktop DAC

Topping D90 III Sabre ESS9039SPro Bluetooth V5.1 Flagship Desktop DAC

Topping has released the latest generation of its flagship D90 series of Desktop DACs. For many years, Topping has presented us with industry-leading products in the D90 series. It’s their flagship-level desktop DAC setup offering top-level hardware in an elegantly machined package. The latest in this series is the all-new Topping D90 III Sabre featuring the latest-generation ES9039S Pro DAC chips delivering ultimate performance with ultra-low distortion, high SNR, and great dynamics. Upgrade your desktop with the Topping D90 III Sabre and experience ultimate flagship-level performance yourself.

Topping D90 III Sabre-1

Topping D90 III Sabre is launched officially for $899, check out more information over here.

Topping D90 III Sabre houses a premium dual-DAC setup featuring two ESS9039S PRO DAC chips. Both the left and right channels have their independent chipset ensuring a clean and precise high-resolution audio signal decoding. The D90 III Sabre supports 32-bit/768kHz PCM and Native DSD512 audio signals. It utilizes a new-generation I/V conversion circuit that provides a clean output with ultra-low distortion and high SNR performance. The D90 III Sabre features a precisely designed CPLD low-jitter clock processing architecture. It optimizes the signal path and ensures incredibly low-jitter performance regardless of the input mode.

Topping D90 III Sabre-2

Topping D90 III Sabre offers groundbreaking performance. It achieves a low distortion as low as <0.000045% and a high SNR of 135dB, the output is precise, rich, and clean. It houses a bunch of input options including USB, Coaxial, Optical, AES, and Bluetooth. Bluetooth is handled by Qualcomm’s latest QCC5125 Bluetooth chipset that provides Bluetooth V5.1 connectivity with high-definition transmission protocols including LDAC, AptX HD, AptX Adaptive, etc. Enjoy your favorite music with wireless Bluetooth input on the D90 III Sabre. As for output, we have RCA and XLR output ports with selectable output modes. The D90 III Sabre supports RCA Only, XLR Only, and RCA+XLR output modes.

Topping D90 III Sabre-3

Topping D90 III Sabre has a pre-amp function as well. You can use it with power amplifiers, and active speakers as a dedicated pre-amplifier. Topping D90 III Sabre also features a 12V Trigger interface that can be paired with other devices. The Topping A90 Discrete is the perfect companion for the D90 III Sabre, create your perfect desktop HiFi audio setup today!! Get the D90 III Sabre for just $899, order yours here.

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