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Topping D70 Pro Octo: Premium Desktop DAC With 8xCS43198 DAC Chips

Topping D70 Pro Octo: Premium Desktop DAC With 8xCS43198 DAC Chips

Topping is one of the most prominent desktop HiFi audio gear brands from China. For many years, Topping has brought us an outstanding range of products with regular updates keeping the products up to the standards. Today, Topping has introduced the all-new D70 Pro Octo. It’s a completely new designed product for the D70 series of desktop DACs. Topping has designed this all-new D70 Pro Octo with a whooping eight DAC arrangement, yes you read that right, we have 8 high-performance CS43198 DAC chips implemented with great precision to get an outstanding performance out of the DAC.

Topping D70 Pro Octo-1

Topping D70 Pro Octo is priced attractively at just 599$, it is available in two colour options Grey and Black. More details are available here.

At the very core of the D70 Pro Octo, we have an 8-DAC arrangement. Topping has featured eight units of highly-acclaimed CS43198 DAC chipset on the device. Together with XMOS’s latest XU316 USB processor, the D70 Pro Octo promises top-level audio decoding characteristics. It supports high-resolution PCM(32-Bit/768kHz), and native DSD512 audio signal decoding. The D70 Pro Octo achieves ultimate performance with ultra-low THD+N distortion and high SNR and DNR performance. The resulting output is clean, precise, and rich in tone with every minute detail presented beautifully in front of the listener.

Topping D70 Pro Octo-2

Topping D70 Pro Octo supports a wireless signal input option as well. it has a full Bluetooth V5.1 connectivity option with high-resolution transmission protocols such as LDAC, AptX HD, AptX, AAC, SBC, etc. As for output, we have RCA single-ended and XLR balanced output options with the D70 Pro Octo. The output can be switched between RCA only, XLR Only, or Both. Topping D70 Pro supports high-power 5V output mode as well.  It also has an integrated pre-amp function that helps the user to control the output when we connect it with further power amplifiers and active speakers in the chain. The device has a bright, vivid, colourful display screen. By default, the display screen showcases various functions and settings such as active input mode, output mode, Bitrate, volume level, etc. It has an eye-catching Aurora UI that brings us some different screen options as well such as FFT display or Vu Meter display.

Topping D70 Pro Octo-3

Topping D70 Pro Octo is a premium-level Desktop DAC that promises an amazing performance in Hi-Res sound signal decoding. It has both Hi-Res Audio and Hi-Res Audio WIreless certification as well. The D70 Pro Octo is an ideal match for the 70 Pro headphone amplifier!! Grab the amazing Topping D70 Pro Octo for just 599$, check out more information here.

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