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Topping D10B: Latest Balanced Desktop USB DAC

Topping D10B: Latest Balanced Desktop USB DAC

Among the amazing range of products that Topping offers, the D10S has been a successful Desktop USB DAC with its compact size, affordable price, and outstanding performance. Today, Topping has announced a balanced variant for the D10s, known as Topping D10 Balanced or Topping D10B. It has the same configuration as that of the D10s, housing a high-end ES9038Q2M DAC chip, premium XMOS USB receiver, and offering excellent performance. The only difference between the D10s and D10 Balanced is the output options. On one hand, the Topping D10S is a single-ended DAC with an RCA line-out option, and the D10 Balanced is as the name suggests a balanced DAC with TRS line-out ports. Both the D10s and D10B features the same Coaxial and Optical Digital output options. The latest Topping D10B doesn’t support any adapter to connect single-ended RCA output with the device. Though it supports TRS to 3-pin XLR adapters for balanced XLR line-out connection. Topping D10B is available to order at just 139$, which puts it in an affordable range for people looking to buy a balanced DAC. Check out more details here.
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Topping D10B-1


>High-Performance ES9038Q2M ESS Sabre DAC Chip.

>XMOS XU208 USB Processor.

>PCM Decoding up to 32-Bit/384kHz.

>Native DSD256 Decoding.

>THD+N: 0.00012%.

>Balanced TRS Line-Out.

>Digital Coaxial & Optical Output.

>Customised Windows ASIO Drivers.

Technical Parameters:-

>USB In(Plug & Play).

>Line-Out: 6.35mm TRS(No Single-Ended Output).

>THD+N@1kHz A-weighted: <0.00012%.

>THD: <0.00015% @ 20Hz-20kHz.

>SNR: 125dB.

>Dynamic Range: 125dB.

>Frequency Response: 20Hz-20kHz.

>Output Level: 4.2Vrms@0dBFS.

>Noise: <2.4uVrms.

>Channel Crosstalk: -141dB.

>Channel Balance: 0.3dB.

>Output Impedance: 88 ohm.

Topping D10B-2

Ultimate Power Of Sabre DAC Chip:-

Topping D10B adopts the famous ES9038Q2M DAC chip from ESS Sabre Technologies. It is a premium reference-grade 32-Bit DAC chip with low-power requirements and high-quality audio signal decoding characteristics. It helps the D10B to achieve ultra-low distortion ratings that go as low as 0.00012%. Topping D10B provides the ultimate performance in terms of audio signal decoding with the help of this powerful DAC chip.

Your Balanced USB DAC:-

Topping D10B offers a balanced TRS line-out option. Users can also use the included 6.35mm TRS to 3-Pin XLR adapters in the package to connect 3-Pin XLR cables for balanced output to balanced amplifiers in your chain and make a completely balanced headphone/speaker setup. Please note that the D10B doesn’t support single-ended connections, so please don’t use any adapters with it.

Topping D10B-3

Premium XMOS USB Signal Receiver Chip:-

Equipped with a high-performance XMOS XU208 USB Processor chip, the Topping D10B supports high-resolution audio signal decoding with 32-Bit/384kHz PCM and native DSD256 support. With the help of customized Windows ASIO drivers unlock the full potential of D10B with high-resolution signal decoding.

Automatic Power-On/Off:-

Topping D10B doesn’t need any external power source. It takes its power through the connected USB source as it has very low power requirements. It automatically turns on/off whenever you turn your PC on or off. It supports compatibility across various systems, one can simply plug and play it on Windows, Mac, or Linux devices. Please note that Android and iOS are not compatible due to insufficient OTG current.

Topping D10B-4

OLED Display:-

Topping D10B features an OLED display on the front that accurately indicates the audio formate(PCM or DSD) and the sampling rate of the active music file.

Price & Availability:-

Topping D10B has been officially launched today for just 139$. Quite an attractive price for a Desktop USB Balanced DAC. Check out more details here.

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