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Topping At CIHE Guangzhou 2020

Topping At CIHE Guangzhou 2020

Last weekend the China International Headphone Expo(CIHE) 2020 was held at Guangzhou, China where over 100 international brands showcased brilliant new upcoming products. Last time we shared the news about the upcoming products showcased by FiiO, today we are gonna share our experience at the Topping stall and several new products showcased by them. Topping is a very well-known brand based in China. They specialize in manufacturing high-quality desktop audio gears including DAC’s and AMP’s. The brand is not only focused on flagship gears, they manufacture high-quality gears from different price segments focused for the beloved audio community. Famous products include Topping NX3s portable headphone amplifier, Topping DX3 desktop Bluetooth DAC/Amp, Topping D90 fully balanced desktop DAC system, and many more. At the event, they showcased new color variants for E30 and L30, hi-res desktop DAC and AMP, Topping A30 Pro desktop amplifier, and Topping A50s upgraded desktop headphone amplifier.

Topping E30/L30 New Colors:-

Topping E30-1

Topping E30 is a hi-res desktop-grade DAC equipped with a powerful AK4493 DAC chip and high-performance XMOS XU208 USB decoding chip. It pairs really well with the Topping L30 desktop Headphone AMP. Both the devices provide an unmatched sound quality output when stacked together. Previously both these models were available in either black or silver color. At the CIHE 2020 event Topping showcased both the E30 and L30 stack in two new colors, Red, and Blue. They deliver the same prestigious performance and look completely different in these two new colors.

Topping A30 Pro Desktop Amplifier:-

Topping A30 Pro-1

Topping A30 is a very capable desktop-grade headphone amplifier equipped with many rich features. At the event, Topping showcased an upgraded version of the Topping A30 with the Topping A30 Pro. The basic A30 variant is already a very capable amplifier and has grabbed a lot of attention from the audio community. We tried the A30 Pro at the event with our iBasso SR2, HarmonicDyne Helios Headphones and it drove them with ease free from any background noise or distortion. Specs will be unveiled shortly by the brand internationally.

Topping A50s desktop Amplifier:-

Topping A50s-1

Topping A50 pairs well with their D50 desktop-grade DAC. They had released the upgraded D50s earlier and at the CIHE 2020, they showcased the Topping A50s Desktop amplifier to pair with the D50s Desktop DAC. The stack was there at the event with Topping P50 linear power supply and believe us the stack is heavenly. It delivers a blissful performance, our iBasso SR2 never sounded so open. We were so busy enjoying the combo that we forgot to ask the technical specs of the A50s. We will have to wait for the brand to disclose them while releasing it internationally.

The Topping stall was really a happening experience, powerful desktop stacks that could bring any headphone to life. We just can’t wait for the release of these products. According to the executive at their stall, these products will be released worldwide later this year.

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