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Topping Announces New E30 II Desktop DAC and L30 II NFCA based Desktop Headphone AMP

Topping Announces New E30 II Desktop DAC and L30 II NFCA based Desktop Headphone AMP

After a long wait, Topping has finally revealed a successor to its classic E30 and L30 entry-level desktop audio setup. They have released E30 II as an upgrade to the E30 DAC and L30 II as a successor to the L30 headphone amplifier. Topping needs no introduction today, they are the manufacturers of high-fidelity audio gears primarily dealing in Desktop DAC and AMPs. They offer a huge catalog of products ranging from entry-level budget price point to the top-tier premium segments. Originally released back in 2020 the E30 and L30 have been successful products for the brand. Today, Topping has released an upgraded variant for both of them. If someone buy Topping E30 II and L30 II together, we will include a set of RCA cables along with the stack. Check out more information below.

Topping E30 II L30 II-1

Topping E30 II: Latest Desktop DAC with Dual AK4493S DAC Chips!!

A successor to the classic E30 Desktop DAC is finally here, meet the all-new Topping E30 II. Topping has designed the E30 II with two newly-launched AK4493S DAC chips. These are recently launched 32-Bit DAC chips that support crisp high-resolution audio signal decoding with ultra-low distortion and high dynamic range. The E30 II works flawlessly with USB, Coaxial, and Optical connections. It uses an XMOS XU208 8-core USB processor that enables the device to work straight out of the box with Windows/MAC/Linux systems.  Topping E30 II is launched officially for 149.00$. 

E30 II decodes high-resolution 32-Bit/768kHz PCM and native DSD512 signals. It also supports MQA decoding through all three of its inputs(USB/Coaxial/Optical). E30 II features six pre-built digital filters for PCM decoding and two digital filters for DSD decoding. Each filter gives you a different taste on the output. Other features of the E30 II include pre-amp function, adjustable line-out, clean and precise signal decoding, fully functioning remote control, small OLED display, etc. Be sure to check it out on our store here.

Topping E30 II L30 II-2

Topping L30 II: Powerful NFCA Based Headphone AMP!!

L30 II is a powerful NFCA-based headphone amplifier designed to be paired with the E30 II. As the name suggests here, L30 II is a successor to the award-winning L30 headphone amp. Topping has redesigned the NFCA(Nested Feedback Composite Amplifier) module. With this redesigned NFCA circuit, the latest Topping L30 II produces a powerful output with ultra-low distortion and high dynamic range ratings. The amplifier is available to purchase for just 149.00$. 

Topping L30 II is a compact yet very powerful headphone amplifier. It outputs up to 3500mW of clean output signal at 16Ω of load. Even when you connect high impedance headphones(300Ω) to the L30 II, it outputs 560mW of output power which is more than enough to power most headphones and IEMs in the market. It has three level gain modes for easy connectivity with sensitive as well as demanding sets. L30 II outputs high-voltage swing, high output current, and low output impedance. Its output impedance is rated at just 0.1Ω. This makes it fully compatible with most IEMs and Headphones out there. With the specially designed NFCA circuit, the L30 achieves an almost perfect performance with ultra-low distortion, high dynamic range, and high SNR ratings. You can check out more information about the Topping L30 II here.

Topping E30 II L30 II-3

Both the Topping E30 II and the L30 II are available as separate units. You can also buy them in a bundle along with an RCA/XLR cable. You can check out more information on the E30 II plus L30 II combo here.

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Frank - May 30, 2023

I have been trying to find more information about MQA capability, but except in your review I haven’t found any. Do you know about the level of unfolding?

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