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Topping Announces A30 Pro Latest Powerful Desktop Headphone Amplifier!!

Topping Announces A30 Pro Latest Powerful Desktop Headphone Amplifier!!

Topping has introduced the latest generation of its highly appreciated A30 desktop headphone amplifier, called the Topping A30 Pro. It is introduced along with the D30 Pro Desktop DAC. Equipped with the latest specifically redesigned NFCA based circuit featuring 10xOPA1656 chips the A30 Pro achieves massive improvements in the output compared to other AMP’s in its class. It achieves an ultra-low noise of just 0.3uV and a high dynamic range of 145dB and has an incredibly powerful output. It features two balanced headphone output ports, one 4-Pin XLR, and another 4.4mm along with a single-ended 6.35mm headphone out. The A30 Pro has a price tag of 349.99$, check out more details here.

Topping A30 Pro-1


>Audio by-pass even when power off.

>Hi-res certified.

>Fully balanced architecture.

>Balanced XLR input support.

>4-pin XLR+4.4mm Balanced output.

>6.35mm SE output.

>Three level gain(-14dB, 0dB, 14dB).

>Ultra-Low Distortion(<0.00006%).

>Ultra-Low Noise(<0.3uVrms).

>Incredibly Powerful(Up to 6W output power @ 16ohms).

Topping A30 Pro-2

Top Performer:-

Even though the A30 Pro is a mid-range Desktop amplifier, it is a powerful top-level performer. The AMP achieves ultra-low THD+N ratings as low as 0.00006%, maximizing single-ended performance. We are pretty sure all your headphones are gonna love the super clean power output with the A30 Pro. It achieves ultra-low noise of <0.3uV and high dynamic range ratings of 145dB producing no audible noise and darkest background.

Ultra-Low Distortion:-

With the ultra-low THD+N ratings of 0.00006%, that means the A30 Pro accurately restores 99.9994% of the original sound, what users get is an authentic sound experience.

Latest Designed NFCA Based Circuit:-

The A30 Pro utilizes the new specifically redesigned NFCA based audio circuit. It is optimized for outstanding single-ended performance with super-clean and crisp output. The A30 Pro is equipped with 10xOPA1656 architecture along with UHGF(Ultra High Gain Feedback) technology providing excellent DC and AC performance.

Topping A30 Pro-3

Sensitive IEMs Support:-

With three-step gain modes providing -14dB gain on the lowest pair your sensitive IEMs without any trouble. It features Low, Medium, and High gain modes with -14dB, 0dB, and 14dB gain respectively.

Incredibly Powerful:-

The A30 Pro holds more than enough power to drive crazy demanding cans with ease. It outputs up to 6W at 16 ohms of load, 5.5W at 32 ohms, 840mW at 300 ohms, and 420mW at 600 ohms of the load. Huge output power and margin bring excellent control ability and drive all the demanding headphones with ease.

Fully Balanced Architecture:-

Enjoy a fully balanced architecture on the Topping A30 Pro. It features XLR signal input and for headphone output, it features 4-pin XLR and 4.4mm fully balanced outputs. Along with these balanced input/output options, the A30 Pro also features an unbalanced RCA input and 6.35mm headphone output.

Topping A30 Pro-4

Pricing & Availability:-

The Topping A30 Pro is a fantastic desktop headphone amplifier with an incredibly powerful output. It is available on our store at a price of just 349.99$. Check out more details here.

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