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Tin Hifi T4 early bird price at $89, only one week | Hifigo

Tin Hifi T4 early bird price at $89, only one week | Hifigo

TinHifi, formerly known as Tin Audio is an IEM maker with a strong experience in OEM/ODM. In 2017, they decided to lift the veil and become a real brand, with a small, but solid line-up. T4 is the latest model of the range launching through Indiegogo crowdfund at early bird price US$89 ( sold out) and MSRP US$108  since Nov 29, 2019.   By Dec 6, 2019,  T4 has funded  $394,645 USD by 4,844 backers. 

On Hifigo, you still could get Tin Hifi T4 at early bird price $89, only one week left.  


The T4 sounds and feels like a major in-ear: a clean shape with sturdy construction and the right amount of sophistication, combined with one the best dynamic driver you can find in this price range.The sound stage is amazing, sound pressure is astounding and once you’ve changed the tips and cables, they’ll fit perfectly in your ear. A massive update of the T2/T3, and a great choice for any Chi-Fier, or anyone.

Main features of T4 

  • Equipped with a 10mm CNT dynamic driver, TINHIFI T4 provides the authority to define and detail.
  • TINHIFH T4 combines elements of high-end automotive and aviation design to create a unique and stylish expression that perfectly recreates audio.
  • A good sense of balance, the tone never gets too bright or too dark, high and low-frequency sound distribution is uniform, which frequency of convergence and transition is natural and smooth.
  • Have great high-frequency extension, delicate and supple.
  • Lows are deep and clean, full and versatile, able to show the actual low frequency sounded intended by the artist.
  • Distortion is kept at zero even when the volume is pushed higher.
  • Good analytical power, rich in details, minute details in the tracks can still be clearly reproduced.
  • Has a good ability to showcase the sound field, be it is wide or intimate depending on the track, the instrument positioning is accurate and stable, and there is great information and clarity in the sound field.
  • There is no obvious dynamic compression, with a good sense of speed, pace and rhythm.

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