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Tin HiFi P2 Latest Planar Magnetic IEM Available For Order

Tin HiFi P2 Latest Planar Magnetic IEM Available For Order

After the humongous success of the Tin HiFi P1 Planar driver IEMs, Tin has now announced the Tin HiFi P2. It is the latest flagship offering from the brand with a successful Planar Magnetic driver just like the P1 offering the best sound quality experience to its users. The pair has a premium aluminum build with a high-purity fully balanced 2.5mm terminated cable in the package. The package also includes a 2.5mm-4.4mm balanced adapter and a 2.5mm-3.5mm adapter in the premium package along with a lot of ear tips and a premium carry case. The Tin HiFi P2 has got a price tag of 369$ but users can grab it for an early offer of 339$, check out more details here. Shipments for Tin Hifi P2 starts tomorrow, 20th October 2020.

Tin HiFi P2-1


>Beautiful crafted Stainless Steel earpieces.

>2-Pin QDC connectors.

>High-Purity fully balanced 2.5mm cable.

>2.5mm-4.4mm adapter.

>2.5mm-3.5mm adapter.

>Premium carry case.

Upgraded Planar Magnetic Driver:-

Tin HiFi P2-2

The Tin HiFi P1 has acclaimed a lot of success with its finely tuned Planar Magnetic Driver unit. With the Tin HiFi P2, the brand has upgraded with the second generation planar magnetic driver unit with a balanced tuning. The pair produces a crisp sound output with lifelike natural tonality and crisp clarity.

Well-Crafted Stainless Steel Earpieces:-

Tin HiFi P2-3

The earpieces in Tin HiFi P2 are made using high-quality stainless steel material featuring a matte finished faceplate. They are triangular in shape with an angled nozzle providing a firm and comfortable fit for the users.

Balanced Sound Tuning:-

Tin HiFi P2-4

The Tin HiFi P2 features a second-generation planar magnetic driver which is tuned by professionals with years of experience in the audio field. The result is a sweet-sounding pair of in-ear monitors that excels in all the different genres of music providing a distortion-free well-detailed sound output with high-resolution clarity.

High-Purity Fully Balanced Cable:-

The pair comes with a high-purity fully balanced cable in the package. It is an audiophile-grade cable with a 2.5mm termination plug. The package also includes a 2.5mm-3.5mm connector and a 2.5mm-4.4mm connector.

Tin HiFi P2-5

The Tin HiFi P1 grabbed a lot of praise for its smooth premium sound quality output with a rich planar driver unit. Planar drivers are known for their smooth, detailed, non-fatiguing sound clarity. They usually produce a rich bass response, lovely natural vocals, and great extensions in the treble portion. We expect nothing less from the Tin Hifi P2. From the images, it is clear that Tin HiFi has designed the P2 with utmost perfection with a premium packaging, high-purity fully balanced cable, well-crafted earpieces, and many more features. The wait is now over, it is available for pre-order at an early bird price of just 339$, shipments will begin tomorrow, 20th Oct 2020. Grab yours today here.

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