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TFZ QUEEN LTD IEM earphones new launching go on sale

TFZ QUEEN LTD IEM earphones new launching go on sale

TFZ , a brand invested by Alibaba has built a solid reputation over the past few years, products are in-ear monitors mainly and TWS, etc.with interesting names such as King series, my love series and Queen series. The IEM earphones are very popular in Southeast Asia such as Japan, Korea, China local, etc. The success is attributed to the stylish design and technique structure of the products which cater to the taste of the market. 

The new launching IEM earphones QUEEN LTD will be going on sale since September 23rd with many highlights in features.

  • 3rd Gen upgrade driver of QUEEN LTD earphones

Double cavity, double voice coil, diamond diaphragm, Tesla magnetic group 

  • Professional review curve, three frequency evenly and structured

Excellent HD resolution, as well as superior performance in the low and middle-frequency bands, are provided by the Queen Ltd IEM. The density energy is full and solid, and the timbre is loose and mellow, making each song bright and beautiful.

  • Accurate ergonomic design and comfortable fit 

Soft silicone material, ergonomic design, and stylish shiny metal Case 

Click here for specifications of QUEEN LTD IEM earphones  in details 
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