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Tforce Yuan Li: The Emperor Of Single Dynamic IEMs

Tforce Yuan Li: The Emperor Of Single Dynamic IEMs

Tforce Audio, a fairly new name has entered into the HiFi audio industry in China. As a brand, Tforce might be a new name to the industry, but they already have an experienced team of OEM/ODM manufacturers from many brands in China. They bring their experience to design high-quality and high-performance IEMs, TWS, and more audio gears with the Tforce. Today, the brand has introduced its debutant product, the Tforce Audio Yuan Li. It is named after the Chinese Emperor of the Tang Dynasty to embrace the Asian Culture. Yuan Li features a single 10mm DLC diaphragm dynamic driver unit and beautiful aluminum ear cavities. Be ready for a powerful sound experience with the latest single Dynamic IEMs, available on pre-order only with HiFiGo. Yuan Li is available on pre-order from our store at an introductory price of 99$, Upon release, the price will be increased to SRP of 119$. Shipments will officially begin on the official launch date of 8th August, Pre-order today here!!

Tforce Yuan Li-1


>Large 10mm Dynamic Driver with DLC Diaphragm.

>Premium Aluminium Ear Cavities.

>Rich Set of Accessories.

>Comfortable Ergonomic Design.

>Balanced & Neutral Sound Tuning With Bass Boost.

>Standard 2-pin 0.78mm connectors.

>Impedance: 32Ω.

>Sensitivity: 103.5dB.

>Frequency Response Range: 20Hz-20kHz.

>THD+N: 0.2%.

Tforce Yuan Li-2

Single-Dynamic Configuration With Premium DLC Diaphragm:-

Yuan Li adopts a single dynamic driver configuration with a 10mm dynamic driver on each side. This driver has a premium DLC(Diamond-Like Carbon) diaphragm that is known for its excellent sturdiness and lightweight aesthetics.

Exquisite Design With Premium Aluminium Ear Shells:-

Tforce has designed the debutant Yuan Li with premium aluminum ear shells. The pair has a shiny, lustrous finish with a Tforce Audio Logo printed on the faceplate area. They look simply amazing and have an eye-catchy stunning look to them.

Tforce Yuan Li-3

Balanced & Natural Tuning:-

Tforce has tuned the Yuan Li for a natural and soothing sound tone with high-resolution clarity. It produces a fast, punchy bass, transparent mid-frequency response, and clear, airy treble frequency that complements the sound with a fun and engaging presentation. Experience your music with high-resolution clarity and detail with the Yuan Li now.

Rich Accessories Including A Premium Carry Case:-

Tforce gives attention to every single detail for their products. They ensure everything included in the package is of top quality to maintain a premium brand image. Yuan Li is bundled with a custom-made leather earphone carry case, 6N OCC copper cable, six pairs of silicone ear tips, and more.

Tforce Yuan Li-4

Enjoy Music Straight Out Of Your Smartphone:-

Don’t worry about powering the Yuan Li. It gets decently powered straight off a smartphone too. Though using a USB Dongle for high-resolution signal decoding is suggested for best performance with the pair.

Price & Availability:-

Tforce Yuan Li is currently available on pre-order with us at an introductory price of 99$. Its SRP is 119$ which will be updated upon product release on 8th August. Pre-order today at a discounted price, shipments will begin from 8th August as per order number sequence.

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