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Tempotec Sonata E44: Latest USB DAC AMP Featuring Dual CS43131 DAC Chipset

Tempotec Sonata E44: Latest USB DAC AMP Featuring Dual CS43131 DAC Chipset

Whenever we try to look for a high-resolution Portable USB DAC/AMP, Tempotec Sonata HD Pro is among the best providing excellent performance at an affordable price. Using that experience of the Sonata HD Pro and multiple other successful devices, Tempotec has launched its latest Portable USB DAC/AMP, the all-new Tempotec Sonata E44. Tempotec has designed a powerful audio architecture with a Dual DAC setup featuring two CS43131 DAC chips. It supports high-resolution audio signal decoding with ultra-low distortion and high SNR ratings. The E44 has a fully balanced 4.4mm output bringing you the ability to use your balanced 4.4mm earphones with your smartphone or even windows/Mac devices. Tempotec Sonata E44 is available to purchase from our store for just 89.90$, check out more details here.

Tempotec Sonata E44-1


>Dual DAC chipset with high-performance 2xCS43131 DAC chips.

>Hi-res audio signal decoding support.

>PCM decoding support up to 32-Bit/384kHz.

>Native DSD256 decoding.

>Silver-plated monocrystalline copper cable.

>New Volume buttons.

>Powerful output.

>THD+N: 115dB.

>SNR: 130dB.

>Output level: 4Vrms.

>Output power: 175mW@32ohms.

>Crosstalk: -127dB.

Tempotec Sonata E44-2

Experience High-Resolution Music With A Dual DAC Chipset:-

Tempotec Sonata E44 adopts a Dual DAC chipset to ensure high-quality performance with the device. It is equipped with two CS43131 DAC chips from Cirrus Logics. CS43131 is the latest-generation HiFi audio DAC that combines the power of high-resolution audio signal decoding and a powerful amplifier in a single chip. There are two CS43131 DAC chips working simultaneously to provide its users with unmatched sound clarity with ultra-low distortion and high SNR ratings.

Native DSD Support:-

Along with high-resolution 32-Bit/384kHz PCM signals, the Sonata E44 also supports native DSD256 support. Open doors to native DSD decoding support and enjoy DSD recordings in all their glory with the Sonata E44.

Tempotec Sonata E44-4

High-Purity Interconnect Cables:-

Tempotec has used high-purity silver-plated Monocrystalline copper cable to connect the DAC to the Type-C and 4.4mm balanced connection ports.

Powerful Output With 4.4mm Balanced Connection:-

Tempotec Sonata E44 features a fully balanced 4.4mm output port. It has a powerful output rating of up to 175mW @ 32 ohms of load. It will be able to power your IEMs without any trouble.

Hardware Volume Controls:-

Tempotec has designed the latest Sonata E44 with a long hardware volume control key right on the face of the device. It is similar to our volume control on our smartphones with ‘+’ and ‘-‘ denoted on it. E44 supports 32 steps of volume adjustment.

Tempotec Sonata E44-3

Pricing & Availability:-

Tempotec Sonata E44 is available to purchase from our store for just 89.90$. Based on its specs, it looks quite attractive. If you are looking for a balanced 4.4mm USB DAC/AMP for use with your type-C devices, the Sonata E44 might be the one.

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