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Tempotec March III-M3 Premium AK4493SEQ Desktop Bluetooth DAC & Headphone AMP

Tempotec March III-M3 Premium AK4493SEQ Desktop Bluetooth DAC & Headphone AMP

Tempotec has come up with a brand new high-performance Desktop DAC and AMP with Bluetooth support with the launch of the all-new Tempotec March III-M3. It’s a high-performance device equipped with top-quality components on its main circuitry including a premium AKM DAC chipset, precise FPGA Architecture, Hi-Res Bluetooth connectivity, etc. March III supports high-resolution 32-Bit/768kHz PCM, native DSD512 audio signals, and at the same time supports 8x MQA signal unfolding. It’s a simple little device that fits in every scenario be it a Speaker system, a Headphone system, or anything else related to Hi-Res Audio on a desktop chain.

Tempotec March III M3-1

Tempotec March III-M3 is priced attractively at just 139$, you can check out more details over here.

At the heart of March III, Tempotec has equipped AKM’s latest AK4493SEQ DAC chipset. It’s a high-performance 32-Bit audio decoder chipset that provides crisp signal decoding with unparalleled SNR performance and amazing clarity. It is supported by four OPA 1688 chips in the amplification section of the device. The March III produces a powerful output of up to 630mW @ 32Ω of load. It actually has multiple output options for the users including Coaxial/Optical SPDIF digital output, RCA Analog line output, and 3.5mm+4.4mm headphone outputs. With two-level adjustable gain, the March III can be paired easily with high-power requiring headphones and high-sensitivity in-ear monitors. March III supports up to 8x MQA unfolding bringing in a pure studio-grade sound quality performance to your desktop.

Tempotec March III M3-2

Tempotec March III-m3 supports advanced Wireless Bluetooth Connectivity. It features Bluetooth V5.2 connectivity with high-resolution transmission protocols including LDAC, AAC, SBC, etc. The latest Bluetooth V5.2 connectivity has a more stable connection with low latency and stable operation compared to the previous generation. It also has a wider coverage area supporting up to 30 meters of interference-free coverage distance. The LDAC transmission enables high-resolution streaming transferring data with a high 24-Bit/96kHz bitrate.

Tempotec March III M3-3

Tempotec March III supports adjustable gain and bass settings. Gain as well know will enable pairing for both low-sensitivity and high-sensitivity IEMs and Headphones. Adjustable bass allows one to adjust the output to their listening preferences. Tempotec March III is a compact yet versatile device. It is equipped with a bunch of features that promise a quality sound listening experience on your Desktop. Tempotec March III supports all-leading devices including Windows, Mac OS, Android, and Linux devices. It is priced at 139$, check out more information here.

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