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Tempotec Introduces Sonata HD V and Sonata HD III Portable USB DAC/AMPs

Tempotec Introduces Sonata HD V and Sonata HD III Portable USB DAC/AMPs

Tempotec has made a reputation in the HiFi audio industry as a leading provider of high-performance portable audio DACs and Amplifiers. They have continued to renew their lineup with two new products today, introducing two brand new products to their catalog, the Sonata HD V and the Sonata HD III. The HD V comes as their latest MQA dongle DAC equipped with a high-performance Dual DAC chipset featuring two ES9219 audio signal decoding chips from ESS Sabre Technologies. The HD III is an upgrade to their classic HD II USB DAC/AMP now equipped with an ES9218 decoding chip and better output power than the former model. Both the Sonata HD V and HD III are made available in two different variants, one made for Android with Type-C connector cable and another for iOS with both lightning as well as Type-C connector cables. The Sonata HD V starts at 59.99$(Android) and the Sonata HD III starts at 45.90$(Android).

Tempotec Sonata HD V-1

Tempotec Sonata HD V:-

The latest Sonata HD V is an advanced high-tech Portable USB DAC/AMP that supports full MQA decoding and houses a premium Dual DAC chipset. It has full integration with HiBy Music Application for exclusive USB mode. With Windows PC use ASIO driver for exclusive connection with the Tempotec Sonata HD V. Tempotec has designed the Sonata HD V with 2*ES9219 DAC chips from ESS Sabre Technologies. The Sonata HD V supports high-res 32-Bit/384kHz PCM as well as native DSD256 decoding, bringing full Hi-Res audio player features to your smartphones. It features an RGB indicator light that glows in different colors based on the active file bitrate. The Sonata HD V houses a 3.5mm single-ended output port that has an output power rating of up to 145mW@16Ω of load. At 32Ω, the Sonata HD V achieves up to 95mW of output power. These numbers are adequate enough to power IEMs on the go. The latest Sonata HD V is designed for day-to-day usage with high-quality performance and full MQA decoding support. It starts at 59.99$ for the Android variant and the iOS variant is available for 69.99$. You can check out more details here.


>Dual ES9219 DAC chips.

>Full MQA decoding.

>3.5mm headphone output port.

>RGB Indicator light.

>HiBy Music exclusive mode.

>ASIO driver.

>Supports multiple devices including Windows/MAC, iOS/Android devices.

>RGB Indicator light.

>Hi-Res Audio certified.

Technical Specifications:-

>Output Level: 2VRMS.

>SNR: -123dB.

>THD+N: -105dB.

>Output Power: 145mW@16Ω, 95mW@32Ω.

>PCM: 32-Bit/384kHz.

>DSD: Up to DSD256 natively.

Price: 59.99$(Android variant)/69.99$(iOS Variant).

Tempotec Sonata HD III

Tempotec Sonata HD III:-

The third generation to the highly-acclaimed Sonata HD series of Portable USB DAC/AMPs. It is an upgrade to the highly-praised Sonata HD 2 with a new ES9218 decoding chip from ESS Sabre Technologies. The Sonata HD III supports exclusive mode in HiBy Music Application. It has professional hardware volume control allowing the users to easily adjust the volume in the output signal. Tempotec Sonata HD III provides exceptional performance at a budget price. It has an output power rating of up to 70mW@32Ω adequate enough to power most IEMs in the market without any trouble. Tempotec Sonata HD III is launched officially for just 45.90$, check out more details here.


>High-performance ES9218 DAC chip.

>Supports Hi-Res PCM and DSD decoding.

>Exclusive HiBy App support.

>High-output power.

>ASIO Windows driver support.

>Multiple system support.

Technical Specifications:-

>Output Level: 2VRMS.

>SNR: -120dB.

>THD+N: -105dB.

>Output power: 70mW@32Ω.

Price: 45.90$(Android)/51.90$(iOS).

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Domenico - July 18, 2022

Hi, has anyone compared it to the E35 or E44 with 3.5 output? Can you tell me what power it has in mV on 300ohm and 600ohm? Thank you

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