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TANGZU Xuanwu Gate Flagship IEMs With 1DD+4BA+2EST Tribrid Setup

TANGZU Xuanwu Gate Flagship IEMs With 1DD+4BA+2EST Tribrid Setup

Ever Since Tangzu debuted in the HiFi audio industry, they have released some solid pair of in-ear monitors. Pairs that are adored and appreciated by audiophiles worldwide. Their journey began with single DD IEMs, later they also experienced with some solid multi-driver configurations with successful models including Yuan Li, FuDu Verse 1, Nezha, etc. Today, we are delighted to launch the latest flagship IEMs from Tangzu, introducing the all-new TANGZU Xuanwu Gate. As the brand’s first-ever flagship, Tangzu has developed the Xuanwu Gate with the utmost craftsmanship, a tribrid seven-driver configuration per side, and professional tuning adjustments. The pair promises a neutral and balanced sound response with outstanding resolution and amazing clarity throughout a wide frequency band.

Tangzu Xuanwu Gate-1

Tangzu Xuanwu Gate is the flagship which is priced attractively at just $649, you can check out more details here.

As mentioned above, the Tangzu Xuanwu Gate features a seven-driver tribrid setup on each side. It consists of a 10mm carbon composite dynamic driver unit, four high-performance balanced armature drivers, and dual SONION EST drivers. Tangzu has implemented the Carbon Composite DD unit for a strong lower-end response on the set. The carbon composite diaphragm is light in weight and has a robust flexibility that helps in producing a dynamic lower-end response. The BA drivers here have been tuned to produce a high-resolution response in the mid and high-frequency regions. With the Dual SONION EST setup, Tangzu has aimed to produce great extensions and smooth details in the ultra-high frequency region. With professional tuning adjustments by experienced acoustic engineers, the Tangzu Xuanwu Gate promises quality sound output. It showcases impressive clarity for vocals and instruments. We have a rich and natural timbre in the output. Tangzu has aimed for neutral and balanced sound with the Xuanwu Gate.

Tangzu Xuanwu Gate-2

Tangzu Xuanwu Gate features exquisitely crafted ear shells. The shells are made using a high-precision CNC machining process. They are made up of high-quality aerospace-grade aluminum alloy material. The panel has premium and exquisite looks. The set feels absolutely premium, with its ergonomic shape, it also promises a comfortable wearing experience. Tangzu has featured solid 3D patterns on the shells matching Terrace Field line designs. This simply gives the pair an exclusive look and feel.

Tangzu Xuanwu Gate-3

Tangzu bundles the Xuanwu Gate with a premium quality stock cable. It’s an 8-strand cable with 98-core single-crystal copper silver-plated wire cores. It has 2-pin 0.78mm connectors and interchangeable termination plugs with 3.5mm and 4.4mm plugs included in the package. Tangzu Xuanwu Gate comes with the brand’s self-developed Tang Sancai high-quality silicone eartips as stock.

Tangzu Xuanwu Gate-4

Tangzu Xuanwu Gate is a promising pair of IEMs that is highly equipped and beautifully crafted. It offers great sound with elegant looks and great comfort. Are you excited about the Xuanwu Gate? Because we surely are. Get the Tangzu Xuanwu Gate today for just $649, check out more details here.

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