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Tangzu Waner SG-3

TANGZU Audio Introduces Waner SG Brand New Single-Dynamic Driver HIFi IEMs

Tangzu Audio is catching up on the HiFi audio scenes with its regular new releases. A few months back they released their budget single DD, the Shimin Li, and just a few weeks back they announced their first Planar the Zetian Wu. Both the products got good feedback from the community and are appreciated well by the users. Today, Tangzu Audio introduces its latest pair of HiFI IEMs, the Tangzu WANER SG. Waner SG is a brand new budget-friendly single dynamic driver IEM that brings quality performance at a budget price.


TANGZU Waner SG is launched in two different color options, White and Black. The pair is launched officially for 19.90$ with a special discounted 16.50$ price tag for early buyers. Refer here for more information.

WANER SG houses a 10mm dynamic driver unit that adopts a solid PET diaphragm coil. The diaphragm material has been chosen carefully to match their tuning requirements. TANGZU has tuned the pair following the suggestions provided to them based on the user feedback on their previous models(Zetian Wu, Shimin Li). This new 10mm DD unit enables the Waner SG to produce a clean and powerful sound signature with a full-bodied presentation. It complements different genres of music with exceptional clarity.


TANGZU has featured beautiful designer printed face covers on the Waner SG. The shells here are ergonomic and offer a super comfy wearing experience. The pair adopts high-quality 0.78mm 2-pin sockets and includes a high-quality 5N OFC Copper cable with 3.5mm single-ended termination. The Waner SG is designed for our day-to-day usage with its comfortable design, professional tuning, and budget-friendly price. It is launched officially for 19.90$, is currently available with a discounted introductory price of 16.50$, know more here.

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