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Tanchjim Tanya DSP 7mm Micro DD IEMs

Tanchjim Tanya DSP 7mm Micro DD IEMs

Following the steps of Moondrop in releasing DSP profile IEMs like the famous Quarks DSP and the recently launched Droplet, Tanchjim has also released a DSP Type-C variant for its famous set, presenting the all-new Tanchjim Tanya DSP. Tanya is a highly-celebrated set of IEMs from Tanchjim. They are respected for their class-leading performance, comfortable fit, and affordable price. The latest Tanya DSP takes its performance a step above with its built-in DSP(Digital Signal Processing) profile and Type-C termination Plug. You can use the Tanya DSP with devices that have Type-C ports. It brings high-resolution clarity and amazing sound details with its compact package!!

Tanchjim Tanya DSP-1

Tanchjim Tanya DSP is available for 23.99$. The pair comes with a built-in microphone in the cable. Check out more details here.

Tanchjim Tanya DSP features the same design, build, and architecture as the original model. It houses a 7mm large micro dynamic driver unit that adopts a PET diaphragm coil. The tuning for the Tanya DSP has been programmed using DSP(Digital Signal Processing) to deliver unmatched clarity and an authentic listening experience straight out of your smartphone. Tanya DSP features Type-C termination, it works straight with smartphones and other devices that support audio output through a Type-C port.

Tanchjim Tanya DSP-2

Tanchjim Tanya DSP features a comfortable design with small and compact bullet-shaped ear shells. The shells are carved from high-quality aviation-grade aluminum alloy material. They have a lightweight design and a robust build structure. A simple bullet-shaped design ensures comfortable straight-down style wearing and proper isolation from the surrounding noises.

Tanchjim Tanya DSP-3

Tanya DSP features a high-purity 4N OFC Copper Cable with a Kevlar shaft core and Litz structure. It offers a soft and durable build that is easy to manage. Tanchjim Tanya DSP comes with a standard Type-C plug. You can also opt for an in-line microphone variant. Tanchjim Tanya DSP is priced attractively at just 23.99$, you can check out more information here.

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