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Tanchjim Releases All-New Ola Bass Version PEEK Composite Diaphragm Dynamic Driver IEMs

Tanchjim Releases All-New Ola Bass Version PEEK Composite Diaphragm Dynamic Driver IEMs

Earlier this year, Tanchjim released the Ola, a beautifully crafted single-dynamic driver IEM that got pretty solid reviews from the community. Audiophiles from all around the globe loved the Ola for its excellent separation and details. Today, Tanchjim has released a brand new variant for Ola, Presenting the all-new Tanchjim Ola Bass. It features a new dynamic driver that is tuned to deliver a powerful lower-end response. According to the brand, the new Ola Bass presents a new composite PEEK diaphragm with Ti Dome structure that enhances the bass response and reduces the distortion in the output signal.

Tanchjim Ola Bass Version-1

Tanchjim Ola Bass is priced at 42.99$, check out more information here.

Tanchjim Ola Bass adopts a new PEEK Composite diaphragm and Ti dome structure. This is commonly used in flagship-grade earphones. With the help of this new diaphragm and Ti dome structure, Ola Bass gets improved bass response and also gets reduced distortion in the output signal. The Original Tanchjim Ola was known for its spectacular staging and crisp instrument separation with linear bass response, the new Ola Bass enhances the lower end and presents the users with a more balanced, fun, and engaging three-frequency response. It now complements different genres such as Pop, Hip-Hop, EDM, etc.

Tanchjim Ola Bass Version-2

Tanchjim Ola has got beautifully built solid-transparent PolyCarbonate ear cavities paired with elegant aluminum alloy face covers. The cavities offer a comfortable wearing experience with their ergonomic shape and lightweight design. The pair has all the features of the OG Ola like the SATTI dust and water-proof filter, premium Double-core OFC cable, etc. It is launched officially for 42.99$, know more here.

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