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Tanchjim Origin: Brand New DMT5 Dynamic Driver IEMs

Tanchjim Origin: Brand New DMT5 Dynamic Driver IEMs

Tanchjim is a known name in the hi-fi audio industry. The brand has a wide array of products mainly focusing on improving your sound listening experience with an exclusive range of in-ear monitors. For the past many years, Tanchjim has released several single dynamic driver IEms based on their self-developed DMT driver technology. Famous models by the brand include Tanchjim Oxygen, Tanchjim Hana, etc. Today, we are super excited to launch a brand-new single-dynamic driver IEM from the house of Tanchjim, introducing the all-new Tanchjim Origin.

Tanchjim Origin-1

Tanchjim Origin is launched officially for $259.99, you can check out more details here. You can also purchase from Amazon US, and our AliExpress stores as well.

Tanchjim Origin adopts a fifth-generation DMT driver developed by Tanchjim on each side. The pair features a 10mm DMT5 dual-magnetic, dual-cavity driver that produces impressive sound resolution with enhanced performance throughout the frequency band. It has strong magnetic flux, ultra-low distortion characteristics, and high-efficiency performance. Tanchjim Origin achieves a natural sound with a rich, dense tone and a lovely timbre. This new driver has a THD+N rating of <0.0056% at 1kHz, promising crystal clear output with low distortion in the output signal.

Tanchjim Origin-2

Expert engineers at Tanchjim have tuned the Origin following their self-developed target response curve. Tanchjim’s target curve is based on HRTF(Head-Related Transfer Function) and some scientific calculations done by Tanchjim. With this expert tuning profile, the pair delivers an impressive sound with outstanding clarity, exquisite details, and a mesmerising rich tone. Tanchjim Origin has three sets of interchangeable nozzles. Each set has a different density and slightly different inner cavity structure design that brings noticeable changes to the output profile. The pair also adopts a two-layer composite acoustic filter in the nozzle. It has a stainless steel grill filter as the outer layer and the inner layer has a DWR-Coated waterproof acoustic filter.

Tanchjim Origin-3

Tanchjim has designed the Origin’s cavity structure using FEA(Finite Element Analysis) simulation technology. The rear cavity has an air-pressure release vent placed right next to the 2-pin connectors. It manages the air-pressure build-up inside the cavity and also allows the DMT5 DD unit to breathe properly producing amazing sound. Like always, we have outstanding looks with CNC-machined metallic ear cavities. The design is identical to the previously launched IEMs such as Tanchjim Oxygen, Hana, etc.

Tanchjim Origin-4

Tanchjim bundles the Origin with a high-purity 6N oxygen-free copper silver-plated cable. It has 0.78mm gold-plated connectors and a 3.5mm single-ended termination plug. The pair also has a rich set of accessories including T-APB pressure-relief ear tips and a premium carry case as well. Tanchjim Origin is the latest flagship single dynamic driver IEM from the brand. With their new-generation DMT5 dynamic driver unit, the pair promises an impressive sound performance, an experience which will elevate your portable listening to great extents. Grab the Tanchjim Origin Today!!

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