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Sony WH-H910N with Bluetooth 5.0 will release soon | Hifigo

Sony WH-H910N with Bluetooth 5.0 will release soon | Hifigo

It is reported that Sony will upgrade the noise-canceling headphones WH-H900N to launch WH-H910N headphones. The new headphones follow the naming scheme of Sony headsets, such as WI-C310 to replace WI-C300, WH-CH510 to replace WH-CH500. 
By the relevant media exposure, Sony WH-H910N wireless noise-canceling headphones have been FCC certified, and this headset will be released soon.  
According to the information, it can only be confirmed currently that Sony WH-H900N wireless noise-canceling headphones are connected with Bluetooth V.5.0, and there is no information about drivers, codecs and color options.  From the FCC information, the new Sony WH-H910N headphones opt some of the design elements of the XB900N headsets and add a new design. In addition, WH-H900N headphones have a variety of colors, you can guess that Sony WH-H910N headphones will also be available in a variety of colors. 
The new Sony WH-H910N noise-canceling headphones will opt latest Bluetooth 5.0 technology which is 2x speed,4x speed and 8x  message transmission of Bluetooth 4.2, and it was said the charging port should also be replaced with a USB Type-C port.
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