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SONCOZ SGP1 High-Power Reference-Grade Class AB Stereo Power Amplifier

SONCOZ SGP1 High-Power Reference-Grade Class AB Stereo Power Amplifier

With just a few products out there, SONCOZ has made a good name in the HiFi audio industry. The brand is mainly known for its exceptional quality in desktop audio gear. Today, SONCOZ has introduced a brand new premium HiFi audio gear, Meet the all-new SONCOZ SGP1. SGP1 is a powerful high-performance reference-grade stereo power amplifier that has been designed specifically for high-end stereo speaker systems. Each and every single component on the SGP1 has been carefully chosen to design one of the finest performing Class AB power amplifiers!!


SONCOZ SGP1 is officially launched for 1099$, you can check out more information over here.

SGP1 is a Class AB reference-grade power amplifier designed specifically for high-end stereo speaker systems. It houses a specially designed amplifier section with four pairs of tube parallel push-pull arrangements. The SGP1 achieves unmatched performance ratings reaching best-in-class ultra-low distortion and high SNR ratings. It reaches 130dB of SNR ratings which makes the SGP1 about 15 to 30dB quieter than the other premium Class AB power amplifiers in the market. SGP1 lays the core foundation of the future product direction for the brand. Soncoz SGP1 brings life to your high-end stereo speaker systems with its top-level performance.


SGP1 produces a powerful output making it an ideal choice for high-power requiring stereo speaker systems. It is more than capable of driving most speakers in the market with ease with its enormous output power ratings of up to 240W x2 @ 4Ω of load. Even with high-impedance speaker systems at 8Ω, the SGP1 produces about 120W of clean output per channel. From the deep-hitting soulful bass response to clean and detailed high frequencies, SGP1 brings the best out of your high-end speaker systems.

Soncoz SGP1 comes equipped with the in-house developed patented driver module that eliminates all traces of distortion on all the available input signal levels. SGP1 shows no traces of crossover distortion when the Driver Module is combined when the Push-Pull Output Stages. Soncoz has designed a new high-performance power module system to feed the enormous power required by the amplifier modules. It is designed to deliver continuous power to the audio circuitry bringing the best out of your stereo speakers.


Soncoz SGP1 works flawlessly with its high-power amplification circuit. There is no need to keep the device always on as the device warms itself up in just 1 minute. The power amp is available in Black and Silver color options priced at 1099$, check out more information over here.

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