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Softears Ultra Clear UC Eartips

Softears Ultra Clear UC Eartips

Softears has released a brand new set of liquid silicone ear tips, the Softears Ultra Clear. These are also known as Softears UC Silicone Ear Tips. Recently they started it bundling with the early purchasers of their newly-launched “Softears Volume” IEMs. True to their name, the latest Softears Ultra Clear ear tips have a clean and transparent look to them. They look similar to Azla Sednafit XELASTEC tips, but in a transparent white tone(Xelastec has a black or grey tone). The Softears UC tips are available for 18$ for a set of two pairs of ear tips. It’s available in three sizes, S, M, and L. You can check out more here.

 Softears UC Eartips-1

The tips have a dome-like outer structure with a normal-sized stem bore. They are made up of high-quality medical-grade liquid silicone material. With the Softears UC Ear tips, you will get an extremely comfortable fit. The dome-like structure helps in covering the entire ear canal, hence resulting in a good level of isolation from the surrounding sounds. Softears has started including the Ultra-Clear Eartips for the early buyers of their latest Volume IEMs.

Softears UC Eartips-2


18$ for two pairs of Softears UC Ear Tips.

Shipping Policy:-

1) 【Express】 FREE shipping on $500+ worldwide, 

2) 【Premium】5-8 Days , FR/DE/UK/IT/ES/US, All tax and duties are prepaid by HiFiGo 

3) 【Priority】 1-2 weeks , All tax and duty are prepaid by HiFiGo. 

Europe 30 Countries, FREE shipping on $300+.

US/CA/JP/AU/KR/MY/TH/VN/SG/PH, FREE shipping on $100+.

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