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SoftEars Turii Single Dynamic Driver Earphones unveiled at $1300 | Hifigo

SoftEars Turii Single Dynamic Driver Earphones released to ship since April,27th at $1399 | Hifigo

SoftEars, a Chinese Hifi brand, created in 2017, specialized in high-end earphones. They took two years on SoftEars CERBERUS and SoftEars RS10 development and launched them at the Chengdu headphones exhibition in 2019 at US$2000 tier directly. 

SoftEars torii, which is unveiled on Camjam,2019 Shanghai finally is officially released on April,21th at price US$1399, only 50pieces produced in the first batch from the brand, it will be shipped on April, 27th. 

SotfEars claims Torii is a very special design different from any earphones. 

Softear Turii 3

SoftEars turii packed with only one dynamic driver but "one" is not just simple.  

Softear Turii 5

The magnetic circuit design of Turii is often used in speakers. The external magnetic circuit is very rare and too expensive for earphones. The built-in magnetic column opts high permeability material processed by CNC to form a structure that can give more magnetic density to the air gap position. The magnets used in the Turii unit are neodymium magnets with a natural magnetic density of 1.6T. 

Softear Turii 11

This may sound like a tesla unit to many people, but the difference is, the bearings used to support the suspension material are not integrated with the magnetic circuit. Instead, they are made of copper, which is basically non-magnetic, to eliminate the loss of the bearing structure to the magnetic field.

Softear Turii 12

At the same time, in order to control the influence of cavity resonance on the sound, an inner cavity made of brass is installed on the back of the unit, and airflow exchange is carried out between the air holes in seven different positions and the diaphragm. This technology brings excellent low-frequency response and performance as well as high-frequency response and details.

Softear Turii 6

The company claimed that the cavity structure of the Turii brings us soundstage as broad as a over-ear headphone yet super detailed sound signature. 

Softear Turii 7

Turii's industrial design was completed by Zhiyu studio senior designer Baihe, named after the same song in the music album "The Epic of Zektbach -Ristaccia " from Japanese game company Konami. It has multiple meanings like Twist+Tweet+Turing.


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