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Softears RSV RS5 Latest 5-BA Reference IEM Launched!!

Softears RSV RS5 Latest 5-BA Reference IEM Launched!!

Softears is a premium audio equipment brand based in China. They have many famous pairs of in-ear monitors in the market including Turii, RS10, Cerberus, and more. After the success of their flagship RS10 IEMs, the brand has now announced their latest pair of IEM’s, the Softears RSV RS5(Reference Sound 5). It features a premium 5 BA driver configuration on both sides. Enjoy a natural, reference-grade sound output with the Softears RSV RS5. It has a price tag of 729.99$, check out more details on our store page here.
You could also purchase it on HiFiGo's Amazon Store:
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Softears RSV-1


>Reference-Grade sound output.

>Very easy to drive.

>Spectacular looks with handcrafted unique face panels.

>Perfect frequency response.

>Precise & Efficient Frequency Division.

>Fuller Dynamic Tonality.

>Premium 3D printed ear shells.

>Frequency response range: 5Hz-40kHz.

>Effective response range: 20Hz-20kHz.

>Sensitivity: 125dB/Vrms.

>Impedance: 8 Ohms.

>THD+N: <1%@94dB.

>Shell Material: Imported Medical Resin.

Delivering A Flagship Performance:-

Inspired by the performance of the flagship RS10, Softears has tuned the RSV RS5 to deliver a reference-grade sound output with high-resolution clarity. The pair retrieves the minutest of the details in your music with utmost perfection and presents its users with quality performance.

Softears RSV-2

5-BA For A Perfect Sound:-

For delivering excellent performance, Softears has equipped the RSV RS5 with five custom-tuned balanced armature drivers. The frequency response is simply perfect thanks to precise frequency and power division. Achieved such crisp frequency division under phase and multi-drivers is definitely a masterpiece of electro-acoustic engineering. The drivers are arranged in a professional, efficient frequency division for a distortion-free output.

Super Easy To Drive:-

Softears has redesigned the electro-acoustic architecture in the RSV with an ultra-low impedance rating of just 8 Ohms with a high-sensitivity of 125dB/mW. It can easily be powered with your normal smartphones without any trouble. Enjoy high-resolution music at the ease of your smartphone.

Softears RSV-3

Excellent Craftsmanship:-

The ear shells in RSV RS5 are completely 3D printed using high-accuracy and high-precision technologies to deliver a smooth, perfect fit for the users. They have unique handcrafted face panels in a beautiful black and golden contrast. Each and every single unit of RSV RS5 has a unique texture on the face panel.

Pricing & Availability:-

The Softears RSV RS5 has a price tag of 729.99$, it is available to order from our store here. Shipments have already begun, so grab yours today!!

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