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SMSL Launches VMV D2R Flagship MQA DAC & VMV P2 Fully Balanced High-Power Headphone Amplifier

SMSL Launches VMV D2R Flagship MQA DAC & VMV P2 Fully Balanced High-Power Headphone Amplifier

SMSL through its subsidiary VMV brand has released two new premium desktop products, the SMSL VMV D2R premium MQA DAC & the SMSL VMV P2 fully balanced headphone amplifier. Basically a complete desktop chain in the form of two individual products that are designed with top-quality components to deliver an enchanting sound listening experience. The SMSL VMV is a premium leg of SMSL where they design and develop high-quality premium audio gear specializing in desktop audio decoders, headphone amplifiers, speaker amplifiers, and more. Let’s know more about both the latest products.

SMSL VMV D2R: Premium Flagship Desktop Decoder With ROHM DAC Chipset!!

The first product today, the SMSL VMV D2R is a premium high-end desktop DAC designed with top-quality ROHM’s MUS-IC series BD34301EKV DAC chipset. This DAC is designed with nothing but top-quality components to deliver an impressive performance while decoding high-resolution audio signals. The VMV D2R houses XMOS XU316 3rd gen USB processor supporting leading PCM(32-Bit/768kHz), native DSD512, MQA, and MQA-CD audio signals with ease. It has full MQA and MQA_CD certification supporting decoding of studio-grade sound signals with ease. SMSL VMV D2R is launched officially for 999$, you can check out more details here.


With the help of the flagship ROHM DAC chipset, a premium 16-core USB processor, the VMV D2R delivers impressive sound characteristics with a low distortion of -117dB(0.00014%), and high SNR performance. It has multiple input options including AES, I2S, USB, Optical, and Wireless Bluetooth. Using QUalcomm’s Bluetooth Processor, the VMV D2R supports high definition Wireless protocols including LDAC, AptX HD, AptX, SBC, etc.


SMSL VMV D2R features a bright, vivid, colourful display screen. It actually has a CNC-machined metallic chassis in a new-generation design. SMSL bundles an exquisite all-aluminium remote control alongside the VMV D2R as well. The VMV D2R supports both fixed as well as variable line-out. In order to deliver quality performance, SMSL has equipped the VMV D2R with a built-in linear power supply system. It is composed of a British Porcupine Toroidal transformer and specially designed discrete components. SMSL VMV D2R is available for 999$, refer more information here.

SMSL VMV P2: High-Power Fully-Balanced Headphone Amplifier!!

To match perfectly with the D2R desktop DAC, we have the all-new SMSL VMV P2 fully balanced headphone amplifier. This amplifier packs a thunderous 12W of output with the lowest distortion and highest SNR performance. Enjoy crystal clear sound output and powerful output that can drive even the most demanding headphones on the planet with ease. The SMSL VMV P2 is launched for 999$, you can check out more details here.


SMSL VMV P2 has a fully balanced design with a 4-way ultra-low distortion precision linear feedback circuit. It features 99 opamps arranged in a parallel configuration for enhanced sound delivery. It takes a 3-pin XLR balanced input and provides 4-pin XLR and 4.4mm balanced headphone outputs. We also have RCA SE input and 6.35mm SE headphone output on the VMV P2. SMSL has featured a three-level gain mode on the VMV P2 for easy pairing with demanding as well as sensitive headphones and IEMs. The amplifier has a specially developed volume potentiometer for reduced channel deviation and precise volume adjustments, a high-quality relay and no impact design for comprehensive protection against issues such as DC, Overvoltage, and overload, high-efficiency and low-noise power supply for enhanced power delivery to every component on the audio circuitry etc. All these features ensure we get an enhanced sound performance while using the VMV P2!!


SMSL VMV P2 is a fully balanced headphone amplifier that delivers immensely clean and powerful output. This compact and versatile amplifier holds enough juice to drive even the most demanding headphones with ease. It is launched officially for 999$, you can check out more details here.

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