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SMSL Launches PO100 AK and PO100 Pro USB Audio Decoding Interfaces!!

SMSL Launches PO100 AK and PO100 Pro USB Audio Decoding Interfaces!!

SMSL has an ever-growing library of HiFi desktop gear. They deal primarily in desktop gear specializing in Decoders, Headphone Amplifiers, All-in-One devices, etc. A few months back, SMSL introduced the PO100 USB interface, today the brand has announced two new premium variants to the PO100 series, meet the all-new SMSL PO100 AK and the PO100 Pro. PO100 AK as you might have guessed from the name features an AKM DAC chipset with RCA, Coaxial output options. While the PO100 Pro features advanced I2S output along with Coaxial and Optical outputs. Both devices support native DSD, DoP, PCM, and MQA audio signals and ensure a clean sound performance!! Let’s get to know more about both of them in short.

SMSL PO100 Pro-1

SMSL PO100 AK: AKM-Based USB Audio Interface

As it is evident from the name of the product here, the SMSL PO100 AK brings you the goodness of the AKM DAC chipset in an ultra-compact user interface. Equipped with AK4493S latest-generation decoding chipset from AKM, the PO100 AK provides a rich tone in the decoded output signal. SMSL has featured 3rd generation XU316 USB processor chipset on the PO100 AK. PO100 AK brings you top-quality performance with lower distortion in the output signal. It supports 32-Bit/768kHz PCM, native DSD, and MQA signals.

SMSL PO100 Pro-2

It has low power consumption circuit and supports multiple connection modes over an asynchronous USB connection. PO100 AK can be connected easily with a variety of devices including Windows, Android, iOS, macOS devices, as well as gaming consoles. PO100 AK is launched officially for 89.99$, check more information here.

SMSL PO100 Pro: Affordable I2S USB Interface!!

PO100 Pro houses XMOS’s 3rd generation XU316 USB Receiver chipset. The PO100 Pro delivers impressive sound decoding characteristics with ultra-low distortion levels. In terms of design and form factor, the PO100 Pro is completely identical to the PO100 AK model. The biggest selling point of the PO100 Pro will be its I2S output. It features dual-mode output through the I2S port making it compatible with most high-end devices in the market. Apart from the I2S output, the PO100 Pro also has Coaxial and Optical output ports.

SMSL PO100 Pro-3

PO100 Pro supports I2S output of LVDS level. It supports native DSD512 and 32-Bit/768kHz PCM audio signal output. PO100 Pro also has coaxial and Optical output ports. For devices with older-gen USB connections, you can still use the PO100 Pro with UAC 1.0 mode. PO100 Pro supports a dual-mode USB connection with easy switching between UAC 1 and UAC 2 modes. SMSL has launched the PO100 Pro officially for 69.99$, know more here.

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