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SMSL DO300EX Premium DAC/AMP With AKM AK4499EX+AK4191 DAC Chipset

SMSL DO300EX Premium DAC/AMP With AKM AK4499EX+AK4191 DAC Chipset

SMSL Audio is a recognised name in the HiFi Audio industry. The brand is mostly known for its wide range of high-fidelity desktop audio gear specially Desktop Audio Decoders, Headphone Amplifiers, Power Amplifiers, etc. SMSL is also quite active in terms of new releases. Every now and then we see new and updated products from SMSL being added to their catalog. Today, we are launching their latest high-performance desktop DAC/AMP, presenting you all the brand-new SMSL DO300EX. The DO300EX has been crafted using top-quality audio components that ensure a pure high-resolution audio experience for the listeners!!


SMSL has introduced the latest DO300EX for just 469$, know more details here. It is available in two color options, Silver & Black.

At the very core of the DO300EX, we have a flagship-level premium DAC chipset arrangement that ensures top-quality audio decoding characteristics. SMSL has equipped the DO300EX with AKM’s latest AK4499EX+AK4191 DAC chipset. Paired with the XMOS XU316 16-core 3rd generation USB Processor, the SMSL DO300EX provides impressive sound decoding characteristics. It supports decoding for high-resolution PCM(32-bit/768kHz), native DSD512, and MQA audio signals. It achieves excellent performance with low distortion and high SNR performance.


SMSL has designed the DO300EX with a high-power headphone amplification circuit. It has an impressive output thrust rating of up to 2W at 16Ω. With 6.35mm single-ended and 4.4mm balanced headphone output ports, the DO300EX is compatible with most headphones and IEMs out there. The DO300EX is a versatile desktop DAC/AMP device with multiple input/output options. It supports USB Type-C, Coaxial, IIS, Optical, and Bluetooth input options. It supports the latest Bluetooth V5.1 connection option for strong and stable Bluetooth connectivity with high-definition wireless transmission protocol support.


SMSL has featured a low-noise power supply that is built into the DO300EX. It provides clean and precise performance with a low-noise floor in the output. SMSL DO300EX is a highly versatile device that can single-handedly manage all your desktop requirements with ease. Pair your favourite headphones and enjoy your favourite music to its fullest on the DO300EX!! Grab yours for just 469$, more details are available here.

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